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I've just found AN, and while I think I'd like it here, I don't see myself using it with the current layout... I'd like to know if there's a way to make the site layout appear more minimalistic to me? Wasting space, giant fonts, and giant images are pet peeves of mine.


Example... font sizes I was able to mostly fix, but there are still gigantic fonts as headings ("Add a discussion" - "Support Nexus" - "Advertisements" ... these are all really big). I've tried to find a way to cap the font size my browser (Chromium on Ubuntu 11.04) will display, but I can't seem to find any.


I'm also not a fan of giant heading images, but also can't find a way to hide the logo or switch the header to text-only.


I tried to find alternate layouts (like most of the forums and sites I'm on have) but couldn't find anything that will affect the forum bit, only profile pages.


I've checked around the site and can't seem to find any indication of if there is an alternate layout I can use, and I'm not familiar with css, so can't override the layout on my own.

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