A Web Search Says Health and Wealth Are Positively Correlated, therefore,

...therefore, Republicans should increase taxes for wealthy people who have few children, PROVIDED THAT THEY RAISE CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT SOCIOPATHIC.

Are wealth and sociopathy positively correlated?

”Yes,” a psychiatrist told me when I was researching the cause(s) of anti-social personality disorder. “when children lack caring parent-child relationships.”

Some research says psychopathy (brain gray matter harm) has genetic causes and sociopathy (brain white matter harm) has environmental causes.

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A corollary: an unregulated free market selects for sociopathy.

We had many boys under my supervision at the Boys' Ranch; many of them were from wealthy families who failed to bond with their parents. Some of the boys were from homes with rigidly authoritarian parents and several of them had issues of engulfment and abandonment. Many came from homes with both parents working and the boys needed attention than they were getting. 

The boys had after-school tutoring and study halls, they participated with their schools' extracurricular events, they went on field trips, swimming, and boating in the summer, skiing, and hockey in the winter, and farm animals to tend all year long. They had to earn the right to go home for weekends by displaying good communication skills and their parents had to demonstrate that they were learning conflict resolution skills and problem-solving skills before they could accept their boys home for the weekend. 

With supervised structure for the boys, parenting classes for the parents, we were able to return a boy to his home after all had learned the social skills that make for happy community life. 

Not all our boys and families turned out well, however, the recidivism rate was significantly down when compared with boys with parents who had poor parenting skills or those boys left unattended and headed for problems. 

The topic of this discussion is Health and Wealth Are Positively Correlated. Based on what I witnessed at the Boy's Ranch, although boys from wealthy homes had access to more resources, i.e. special training, therapy as needed, opportunity to have more and nice things, there were problems that had to do with poor parenting, lack of supervision, failure to bond, and fear of being overwhelmed. 

The poor boys at the ranch lacked access to education, therapy, desirable things, as well as poor parenting, lack of supervision, failure to bond, and fear of being overwhelmed. 

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~ Is there a correlation between psychopathy and wealth?




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