A Wise Course Is to Treat Politicians as Predators Until They Prove They Are Not.

I saw it when I read James Madison's notes from the 1787 Constitutional Convention, in which he reported the words of two of America's best-known founders.

Alexander Hamilton. Give therefore to the rich and well-born a distinct and permanent share in the government. They will check the unsteadiness of the mass of the people, and as they cannot receive any advantage by a change, they therefore will ever maintain good government. (June 18)

James Madison. In framing a system we wish to last for ages, we should not lose sight of the changes the ages will bring. An increase of population will increase the proportion who labor under all the hardships of life and secretly sigh for a more equal distribution of its blessings. These may in time outnumber those who are placed above feelings of indigence. According to the equal laws of suffrage, the power will slide into the hands of the former. ... Landholders ought to have a share in the government, to support these invaluable interests and check the other. It ought to be formed as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority. (June 26)

In short, America's founders were predators and the people were their prey.

What has changed?

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A sort of checks and balances system to make sure the have nots don't get too much.

As George W. referred to his base, the haves and the have mores. They see themselves as majestic eagles but at this point they're more like buzzards, (to paraphrase Joni MItchell) chewing the last few dollars off America's carcass. 

I think that Politicians like any other professional, should be required to pass skills tests.

For somebody making decisions that are highly influential, they need to pass Rational Critical Thinking tests, and psychological filters, to weed out psychopaths, oops Trump failed yet again.

Because considering anybody as a predator before they can prove they are not is actually bad and it is illegal, because that is like having a legal system where everybody is considered guilty, until proven innocent.

It is actually akin to Abrahamic religion where everybody is born a sinner.

Like all politicians are sinners until they perform miracles and become Jesus.

Just putting them through a national set of checks and balances (fulfilling the job criteria for critical thinking leadership skills) is a far better approach.

It should be the same set of skills required for an Army Officer, so a similar examination for both should be formulated.  

Though no GOP candidates would pass the job entry requirements at the moment, but this would force them to find adequate candidates or retrain the existing ones.


DD, your mentioning RCT so often persuaded me to google the term.

I found the Venus Project Foundation web site and I like what it says. Do you recommend it?

Well, I'm skeptical of both sides of the argument.  

Being a technician I deal with WiFi systems and understand the technology which essentially is heating up people standing or holding mobile telephones near their heads, I keep away from my phone, because I'm sensitive to EMR, in that my head near where I hold the phone feels irritated and I feel nauseas, so there may be some truth in it, even though the communication authorities swear that the levels are too low to be of concern.

I've heard horror stories of where one tech on an aircraft carrier used to cook chickens using the carrier's radar system (prior to microwave ovens) and one day went up to fetch the cooked chook, only to have the door shut behind him and the safety light was not on, so somebody turned the radar on and he was cooked along with his chook.

His goose was literally cooked.

There is a teacher in the U.K. who could not teach, because the microwave radiation from the school network gave him severe nausea and migraines.  They had the classroom rewired to the old cable network and the teacher no longer suffered nausea. 

So, weighing up my own experience, as I have a house full of WiFi equipment operating, without feeling nausea, as it only occurs if my mobile is too close to my head, and the same goes for Bluetooth, as it too uses microwave technology, so a BT headset did not help me there, I simply always use my mobile on speaker, so I can hold it away from my ears.

So the jury is still out, I'm sceptical of authorities, as business interests may be overriding public health, as that Venus Project Foundation appears to push, but, I really doubt that the research conducted by government agencies would put public health at risk,  and I don't think much of the Venus Project Foundation, as it appears to be a conspiracy theorist site.

So, judging by my own experiences with Wifi technology and the government's endorsement of it, along with the various other stories, I really don't know.

I studied microwave radiation and understand its main effects on the human body, so if they want to ban Wifi, they should also ban microwave ovens, it uses the same technology (radio frequencies) and microwave oven leaks are stronger and more serious, as I feel nauseas when I get too close to ours during operation, they can cook your eyeballs, which leads me to another amusing tale.

On an air-force base many years ago, while testing directional radar equipment, they tested it across a field and put warnings up on both sides of the field to stop staff from crossing the field during testing.  Since eyes contain a lot of fluid, they can be popped by radar/microwave radiation, like eggs, so they put up a sign warning: CROSSING THIS FIELD  CAN CAUSE BLINDNESS.  

But, staff appeared to ignore it and cross the field anyway.


Which worked, showing that the staff would rather go blind than sterile.


DD, so you learned RCT while doing electronics?

Some, as solving technical problems and avoiding pitfalls is helpful, but mostly it would have been while learning computer programming.

I was training as a systems analyst.

Which means analysing an entire system and trying to make it work more efficiently, as well as keep the staff and clients content and make it easy for staff to understand, so training costs would be kept to a minimum.

It's a tough ask in some companies, requires a lot of research, studying they way they do business, document trails and looking for ways to make it better.

Thus, an awful lot of RCT is involved.

This was obvious to my Communications lecturer, who stated that the easiest class to teach, and the ones who always solved her group problem, such as solving hypothetical criminal cases, were us programmers.

The others would be noisy and argue loudly over issues, taking an entire hour class to solve a case, where we programmers would discuss the case, rationally, methodically and quietly, solving most cases in under ten minutes.

So far double blind tests have not supported the existence of EMF sensitivity to wifi and similar low level radiation--People who claimed to be sensitive could not tell the difference between whether the system was active or not.

Being in a direct high level radar beam is hazardous (from heating) but this requires substantial energy levels. Most of the stories about the 'old days' are largely urban mythology, though certainly standing in the beam at close range can be very harmful.

Though there are other issues, not just the microwave 2GHz frequency band, but these have other frequencies (signal) imposed on them, so it may not be the microwave carrier frequency that people are sensitive to, but other modulating frequencies (creating interference patterns (standing waves)) on them causing the sensation.

Standing waves are usually much greater in magnitude than the source waves, as in transmission lines, where components can easily handle the carrier signal, if the transmission system is poorly designed and standing waves result, those standing waves (interference waves) can destroy the components.

As with the microwave ovens, it is likely not the 2.4GHz base frequency I'm feeling, but the 120Hz (doubled 60Hz ) frequency imposed on top of it by the mains frequency transformer it derives its power from.

The same goes for the teacher who felt nauseas, it is likely the mix of frequencies, creating standing waves of a frequency he is sensitive of.

I'd pay to see The Donald re-trained, preferrably with a whip.

"Though no GOP candidates would pass the job entry requirements at the moment, but this would force them to find adequate candidates or retrain the existing ones."

I also cannot think of a SINGLE democrat that I would consider qualified.

From Australia, watching the goings on in America, it appears Obama would have managed to scrape through such tests, and Bernie Sanders may have a chance, but I suppose you are right.  Maybe all candidates need to attend Leadership/RCT boot camp, for training and grading.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump would obviously fail training and thus boot camp.



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