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My question is simple: where was his god when he came up with this half-assed statement? People like this think this way "naturally" because that is how they were raised. They were raised to think of men as dominant and women as something a little bit better than property, but not much.

The other story which is almost as sad as that of his congregation, who seem to be quite ready and willing to forgive him out of hand. There can be little doubt but that their mindsets are not very far removed from the shepherd who currently leads these sheep. Note that I used the word "sheep" quite purposefully.

Man, I went to one of the services in the University district of Seattle, mainly for shits and giggles. It was ridiculous, I don't see how anyone can take anything coming out of that guys mouth serious. 

Sickening! His mind is warped and the sheep follow his mindless perversion. 

The asshole needs more help than any god can give him.

I pity his poor children.

Oh! Yes! the healing power of sunlight and fresh air. A photo will do what words, tears, pleadings, demands can't do. Behind closed doors, whether of a home or of an elevator, what happens is "she said, he said". 

You're absolutely right Pat! I would be ashamed but I'll leave that to the xians. They do it so well. ;.)

I'm sure his wife and children will be proud of him for his penis remark. Then the bastard had balls enough to say he was getting more like Jesus every day.

well ... some religious men think so unfortunately .. so sad - what a creep

The pastor then escapes the criticism of being a gay!

My penis is homeless :-)




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