Today I recieved a glossy, Christ-tard pamphlet about Dale Pollett's "exciting new lecture series," THE TIME OF THE BEAST. It is a World of Prophecy Bible Seminar! Never heard of Dale Pollett? Don't worry not many really have. He is a Geensboro, NC Adventist who has decided to send me his advertisement for his "making the book of revelation make sence" (thier words not mine) seminar this weekend. Seeing how I just love torturing myself I have decided to show up for the 'Seminar' this Friday, that and I just love any opportunity to receive free shit from the nuts (on arrival a free "gift" of the book "The Passion of Love", $9.95 marked down book on the life/teaching of Jesus).

    I don't plan on starting any shit or disturbing thier rights to organize, but I do plan on calling them out thier bullshit conspiracy non-sense and will be bringing my copy of "The God Delusion" and bringing my iPod for easy drowning out of shitty music. I have attached the pics from the pamphlet for reviews and comments. If anyone has anymore suggestions for things I may bring up for topics or discussions for the after-crowd.

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Better lesson then being chewed on by she-bears, but the pamphlet actually came in the mail. They are having this "seminar" for three weeks. I'm actually thinking about going to the last weekend to on "9 ways to identify the Anti-christ", just for shits and giggles.
No creatures full of eyes? Those are my favorites.
Yeah I went to one of those seminars once. BORING! I didn't like it when I was a christian and I sure as hell wouldn't like it now. Wait a minute... there is no hell... LOL
You'll find better art here:
Patrick Farley's really good!




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