If you all don't mind a little blog-whoring, I think this counts as useful to the network as a whole. I've been covering the AAI convention in my Examiner column and at my blog, and particularly for those who weren't able to attend, I thought it might help fill some of you in on what's been going on. Just go to my column here for newsy news and more personal reflections here. LOTS more is on the way, including *video* of Brother Richard, who gave -- easily -- one of the most important talks of the entire event.

So keep checking back! And thanks.

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Thanks for posting this. I missed out on the A|N sponsored dance party last night, streamed into my living room.
I missed it too because I was a) exhausted and b) lame.
I wasn't actually at the convention, I just didn't log-in to A|N early enough to see the notice on the front page.

What, someone couldn't have wheeled you in via a wheelchair?
Ah ha! Just like atheists, taking things so literally. :)

I'm just mucho awkwardo. It was a major feat for me to come here at all! But atheists are such warm people, so it's easier.


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