AARP comes out against House GOP health care bill

AARP comes out against House GOP health care bill

"This bill would weaken Medicare's fiscal sustainability, dramatically increase health care costs for Americans aged 50-64 and put at risk the health care of millions of children and adults with disabilities, and poor seniors who depend on the Medicaid program for long-term services and supports and other benefits,"

~ Joyce A. Rogers, a senior vice president at AARP.

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I agree, it is a mess, it doesn't make sense, except POTUS-45 is a man of false claims and empty promises that fit for those who are mad as hell and can't figure out the system. His supporters want cheap insurance, lower taxes, and I can just hear them squawking when they find out the consequence of the GOP plan. 

And we're finding out for sure what many of us expected: the promises he'll keep are the ones which damage the lives of citizens.  That he would break the ones about taking control of Wall Street was proven when he put Wall Street in charge of the United States.  Oh, it had been moving that direction since about, say, 1980, but he finalized the deal.  

His rich supporters knew what to expect; it's why many of them backed him, openly or not.

His poor supporters presumed he would fix it.  Whatever they considered was broken.  He'll put coal miners back to work.  Right.  He's an egomaniac, not a wizard.  He'll raise wages -- after he finishes destroying unions.  Taxes?  Many of his supporters pay little or none now, but he'll "fix" that.  

We're just beginning to realize how much we've lost.  How much we'll lose later will take a while to soak in.

I'm escaping from the insanity by getting my seed started, even thouigh I can't get the greenhouse door open for the ice. Tomorrow should be our last blast of snow. We will have more freezing temperatures, and like your experience, those late frosts that sneak up on us, unaware. I write my letters and make my phone calls and then closet myself in the laundry room with spouting seeds. 

I'm very glad that AARP has made this statement and come out against the health care bill. I say this even if I have no use for AARP. The best way to do this thing with the ACA is to leave it in place and fine tune it as they go along. That way the Repugs could take credit for making it really work. Instead, they want to dismantle it totally and say they did away with Obamacare. The GOP seems like a pack of mad dogs.


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