Abolish Clergy-Clergy-Member Confidentiality: Unconstitutional and Unacceptable

Abolish Clergy-Clergy-member Confidentiality:  Unconstitutional and Unacceptable

Since each and every man-made organized religion is based on pure and utterly daffy delusion, how can religious institutions have so many [tax-exempt] rights under the U.S. Constitution?

How can confessed felons or even petty criminals be held in utter confidence and utmost sanctity by a [pedophile] priest or other religious [con man] leader if said criminal has confessed to MASTER?  How can religions, these multi-trillion-dollar industries, be totally exempt from paying both federal and state taxes that, by the way, do indeed go to programs that help the needy, the poor, and the down-trodden among us???  Isn't that supposedly a large part for which these, um, "pious" religious institutions have been created???  To help the poor and needy and downtrodden among us????

The Constitution always has been, heretofore, an absolutely godless document; Thus, there forever shall be no religious entity above the U.S. Constitution.  Furthermore, god is nothing more than a daffily delusional and blatantly misogynistic concept that was developed over millennia because of man's great angst in his inabilities to grasp the unknowable and unreachable nature and properties of the universe;  Oh, and to CONTROL.

The very creation of some "god" by man is and always has been an immature, delusional, grandiose and self-indulgent scheme;  Money-based [tax-exempt] and fear-driven, that is religion.  All that has been conjured by men and feverishly written by men in men's image is a disgusting sham.  God, if it does exist somehow, won't be at all happy that he/she/it has been morphed into a grotesque, hateful, despicable, brutal and, don't forget misogynistic, fallacy.


Christina Marlowe

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