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 "I Don’t Vaccinate My Child Because It’s My Right To Decide What Eliminated Diseases Come Roaring Back"   Good quote.

In my opinion, people that believe the anti-vaccination BS are just as bad or worse than the ones that believe religious BS.

There's a lot of overlap between the two groups. (Cue Michelle Bachmann.) Denying the efficacy of vaccines or climate change involves the same thinking patterns as denying evolution, science in general and reality. Unfortunately the public is exposed to a lot of training for this type of thinking, beginning with the propaganda against the evidence that tobacco use is harmful. In the marketing industry swiftboating facts is as much of an art as swiftboating candidates.

Oh yes! Spud and Bertold, they both have their foundation based on emotional rather than rational thinking. 

The purposeful ignorance ... it's staggering.

Daniel, since you pointed-out that BS is good for the garden, I'm thinking I should use another word or phrase instead.  Perhaps Asininity.  What would be other good replacements?

The fellow is a poor man wanting to be rich. He likes to play, not work, pouts when asked to help do something and when/if he does it, he is a gormless man.

Does that work? 

Hey Spud, good question

According to the late great William C. Richter, MD

caca del toro 

Me:  fecal matter

Thesaurus.com: bullshit 

excrement, droppings, dung, feces, manure, urine, chips, discharge, evacuation, excretion, stools, secretion, body waste, 

Urban Dictionary: bullshit

nonsense, drivel, hot air, crap, crapola, dung, bird droppings, dog poo, ratpiss, floaties, compost, manure, toe mud, indecorous, horse patties. 

Crapola is good one.

"Dreck" is a good one tool.

It's the cry of the religious right, Daniel. Most of them firmly believe nonsense without fully reading or studying procedures. They have an "anti science" way of thinking that covers things like home schooling, vaccinations, global warming, etc. and there is a growing fear of death squads due to something with Obama or medical care procedures. These people think we have FEMA "death camps." I'm still hearing nonsense from scared white people who think Obama is soon going to declare martial law.

The fear I experience here is coming from the people around me. I don't know what world they are in.

I made a delivery the other day and the young receptionist there informed me that her son is home schooled. She doesn't want anyone teaching him science. She was serious.

Michael, if that mother is homeschooling because she doesn't want science taught to her child, we have a serious problem that needs to be addressed. What can we do? 

Ridicule, challenge, amplify, analogy, fallacy, anecdote, confront? 

Fooling around with people's health issues presents a necessity to find some way to get the person's attention. I remember when measles, scarlet fever, and whooping cough killed so many babies and adults and polio crippled many more that I knew. The stories of the flu epidemic of 1918 put fear into generations to come. 

All these diseases can be eradicated except for those who do not know how to make informed decisions. Too many people still fall for the snake oil salesperson. 

So, we have to take every opportunity to convince people that science is not a bad thing ... it can be, but so can fallacious beliefs. Like when teaching, one catches the teachable moment. 

I agree with you, Joan, but I can do nothing. If I say anything and she reports me I would lose my job. If I knew of her outside of a job capacity it would be another story.


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