I keep hearing a lot about how all atheists are pro-abortion. I am an atheist. I have been since age 14. I personally believe in a woman’s right to choose but this is my personal belief. I do not believe that atheism dictates pro-abortion. Are there any atheists out there who are anti-abortion and how do you feel about President Obama’s position on abortion?

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Thanks pal. There hasn't been nearly enough noise made here on this topic already. Lets start it all over again from scratch. I wait breathlessly for the reasonable and original reponses you will get to this from balanced and rational people that have no axes to grind.
So being new here and not having participated in any such conversation, I want to make sure I have the rules right: Is it ok to have a strong, heated opinion but one which I nonetheless back up with solid fact?
I too am new here and haven’t participated in any discussions yet but I would say that it is a good idea to back up every argument you make with facts if possible.
Interesting how you say "pro-abortion" rather than "pro-choice."
To me there is no difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion
I'm pro choice have been since ive first heard about the topic.
But im not all into being PC about every little thing
if somebody wants to say Merry Christmas fine(going back on topic before i go on a rant about that)

I think a vast majority of atheists are pro-abortion(or choice) just because when you become atheist more offen then not you be come rather liberal(at least in the United States)
But the only thing athiests have in common is thier disbelief and even then there is varying degrees we are a random collection of indivduals and that is what makes us different Thiests anway...I dont think athiests promote abortion or being pro choice it just tends to happen.
Chris- me and my better half discuss the difference quite often. I am pro-choice and have been for as long as I have been able to understand the consequences of an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy. My mother is as pro-choice as I am, and she is a Catholic. My better half does not understand there are different shades of grey in this issue. He is pro-choice as well, and a militant Atheist.
I believe the difference is that pro-choice people believe that it is not thier business, leaving the choice to the woman. A person can be pro-choice and be against abortion. They would never have one- would never dream of having one, but they believe in the right to choose and who are they to take it away from anyone else. I have often wondered if there are any Atheist that are against abortion.

I agree that the majority of Atheist are pro-choice because we think. We are not trying to impress any invisible supernatural being, so we can see things in real life better.
I personally think there is a huge difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion. I'm pro-choice because I believe everyone has the right to choose. But for actually having an abortion myself??? Never.
Seconding that.

Mm,an absolute moral position?

Would you mind sharing your reason(s)?

What about [for you personally] rape, incest or if to carry a baby to term would kill you? Each of those circumstances happen on a daily basis somewhere..

ME? I've always though my opinion and that of men generally is irrelevent. I see it as the woman's choice. Certainly not the business of a bunch of male politicians nor a group of often celibate, male clergy.
LOL, my elderly friend (who has no children) is very pro-abortion while I am pro-choice, but seeing her point. She believes that abortions should be mandatory, in a lovingly joking way of course. Seriously though, there should be some sort of filtering process, this is the future of the human race we're talking about here! Why are we letting these cracked out whores have children while they're dopped up on meth? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! But I digress, I would venture to say that there are probably atheists out there that feel abortion is cruel, but not for the same reasons that the religious wack-o's out there do.
1) The most irritating issue of all to me regarding this subject is that the reasoning given for being anti-choice is almost exclusive because it's against the tenets of Christianity. Yet what most Christians fail to realize is that their bible does not say one word against abortion. In fact, more to be shown that the bible condones abortion rather than condemns it.

Why then does every Xian and their brother whine that the bible preaches against abortion? Because someone else told them that it does and they never bothered to scrutinize their own doctrine. This is one of many things commonly thought to be in the bible but isn't.

2) Second most irritating thing; The fact that the religious (non)right has managed to get their play on words regarding the two camps accepted by the mainstream media. Pro-life/pro-abortion versus the more accurate anti-choice/pro-choice. By using the former combination one is putting a huge, huge anti-choice bias on the issue while trying to claim, "That's just what the groups are called - we're neutral."

It would be like referring to Democrat/Republican parties instead as The Pro Working Man Party/The Anti Working Man Paranoia Party. While I personally think the descriptions are somewhat accurate I would be the first to object to CNN using these as everyday descriptions of each party while claiming to be neutral.

I'm really eager to see if FAUX News actually adopts "Democrat Socialist Party" for regular use. But I'm digressing now ... whole other topic.
I have to disagree my friend cause if i was the father i'd like equal say in what happens to my baby granted its her body but it was through our love making(in my case) that the baby was made. But i agree its not a goverment issue its a family issue and in the case of rape thats souly up to the woman. IMHO




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