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So, today my Bio class were talking about stem cell research and the morality of fertilizing eggs for stem-cell research, since the way to get the correct stem-cells required for the research resides in fertilized egg cells.

So i think that it is not wrong to fertilize donated egg-cells in order to spearhead the research of stem-cells. 

If humanity figures out how to use stem-cells perfectly we can regrow organs that won't be rejected by the host that needs them.

I say that they should go ahead as long as the cells are donated and not taken from someone without consent since i don't consider them to be live humans till they have developed conscience, and take that statement with a grain of salt since i don't mean that they can abort a baby that's almost born and harvest the cells, this is strictly within the time before the brain is developed.

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I read a good book a few months back on ethics from a neurological standpoint. It had a section that discussed this.




This is what they harvest when they harvest stem cells. They fertilize an egg, wait twelve days, then extract that stem cell mass you see at the top of the picture. Nothing of value has formed that even remotely resembles life.


A woman does not usually realize she is pregnant until well after those twelve days. So the eggs have to be fertilized in a lab to be of use, such as spares after IVF.


I personally do not consider it alive until it can feel pain. That is not until 20+ weeks when the nerves finally attach to the brain, and receptors can begin activating. 20+ weeks is also known as the 3rd trimester, when abortion is pretty much illegal except in medical emergencies. >.X



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