The Rude Pundit put up a rave this morning about Texas restricting access to abortions.

I thought his penultimate paragraph was rather eloquent:

At this point, with gay marriage moving into the mainstream, with pornography easily accessible from anywhere, with violent and sexual content all over the airwaves, with marijuana slowly being legalized, abortion is the culture war's Alamo. It's the only place they have left for a last stand against the forces of secular sanity, the only place where they can whittle away at a right with rules and regulations, the only place where they can claim their hate is love without being laughed at. 

Abortion is the issue that really launched the reincarnation of fundamentalism as a political movement. They had the sense to lie low for a while after the "monkey trial," but opposition to Roe v. Wade through the 70s was weaponized and armed when St. Ronnie cut the ribbon and invited the theocrats into the corridors of power. The thing I find most offensive about the whole phenomenon is the hypocrisy. If their true goal was simply to reduce the number of abortions performed, shouldn't they have been staunch advocates of contraception and realistic sex education?

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