The anti-abortion lobby is vehement, angry, and persistent. They have introduced over 1000 bills in state and federal legislatures to restrict women's rights, de-fund abortion providers, and intimidate doctors. Why, with all this fervor, are they being so soft on the actual act of abortion? And why are they so opposed to programs which would reduce abortions -- like condom distribution and sex education (both of which have been proven to work all over the world)?

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I hadn't thought of it entirely as "punishing women for sex" until taking a look at this, although I did think that stopping birth control, abortion, AND assistance for single mothers was dooming women to being barefoot and pregnant. I don't think that everyone who is anti-abortion thinks exactly like this, and I don't assume that everyone who is against abortion is misogynistic. But "pro-life" politicians and religious fundamentalists have certainly acted in exactly this way, and once in awhile someone will come right out and say "that's what she gets for opening her legs" (and yes I've heard females say this).


Believing it is murder is for the people who actually kill abortion doctors. Or the hypothetical person who would save a fridge full of embryos instead of one post-born person. Otherwise calling it murder is melodramatic. A person could still be against abortion and consider it to be a lesser crime I suppose, like cruelty to animals. But really, abortion is abortion.

Slightly off topic but one guy I'm friends with at work is in his late 30's and goes to a baptist church.  We were at an event with a large parking lot and a woman walked up to us saying she was deaf, had a couple of kids, and was looking for handouts.  Now I'm not normally a 'giving' guy, but I felt some pity for this woman and her situation.  My friend told her no and we walked away.  As soon as she was out of range, he says to me, "you gotta play the cards you're dealt".  Now, that took me back and I didn't argue with him, but it's stuck in my mind ever since.  I've also heard regular church goers say, "if you can fu#&, you can work", and this may be the underpinning ideals of the far right.  It's not so much that they don't like the liberal ideal that everyone is better off; they actually want social inequality and they want to be on the better end of it.  And with the average american making soo little these days, the conservative base is finding itself amongst those that they loathe.


The reason I started with that story is I think some anti-abortionists have this same mentality towards abortion of any kind (and he may as well).  God dealt you those cards; abortion may be easy, but it's cheating fate.  It's kind of thumbing your nose at god, and becoming more powerful than you rightfully should be.




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