Hey everyone. I'm not really sure what to make of this movie, Endgame, by Alex Jones. Alex, among others, have been tracking down and reporting on the Bilderburg group. The Bilderburg are apparently the social/political elite who are basically trying to make a one world government, dumb down and eventually exterminate 95% of the world's populous. That way they can make a Utopian society starting with them and it goes on to something as far fetched as them having the nanotechnology to practically be immortal.

Basically I just want some opinions on this or to see if others have done more research to see if this is some hoax or not.

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Check out this youtube video by podcaster "conspiracy skeptic"
It is instructive to watch Alex Jones' movies on slow motion and stop the video where there are documents. Alex always has a shaky camera on the documents he uses as evidence. When you stop the frame and read the document, it usually turns out that Alex is misrepresenting and/or misreading them. About 50% of what he says is correct, but 50% is an F. However, dealing with Alex will help one develop standards of evidence and logic one can use when evaluating a lot of the bogus misinformation we are fed from both ends of the political spectrum. Alex is, also, a Christian who thinks there are demonic and/or supernatural forces driving human events. He's just an all around crank, even though he does stick it to the man sometimes.


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