I’m living in US since 2000. I’m Cuban, and I’m trying to improve my English language skills by improving my understanding of the history, the society and people where I’m living; trying to improve myself. I’m Atheist. It’s the first time I’ll join an Atheist Forum in English language, and I feel fear to do it. Maybe because my lack of confidence on my writing skills, or maybe just because I know I have limited opportunities to keep an interesting talking. Some years ago – when my English was even worse –, I had one bad experience in English-speaker forum which sent me far from them for all this time. But, now, reading on Nexus Forum, I got compelled to retake the challenge of participate.

I’ve a truck driver job which is not precisely an ideal job to improve your live reading, writing, and interchanging ideas and concepts with smart people. I had not choice so far. I consider myself with some educational background in Physics, Math, and can’t call myself a ful-time illiterate in Philosophy. I can’t connect to internet, and participate, but when I get back to home. It makes hard to hold an interesting participation. Anyway, I’ll try it, and I’ll not be truck driver forever – if something does.

I like this Forum, thanks.


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Welcome to AN, Fide. I don't think you'll be harassed here for a lack of English language skill, or I certainly hope not. Your multi-lingual skills are much better than mine, rest well assured. I hope you enjoy AN.
Thanks Luke. I’m not still crying because that experience, as time past it became a good lesson about how to introduce myself into a new social and cultural environment. The lesson is: growing, improve yourself. Well understanding, it was my fall trying to speak out in English about something hard to explain. Language is more, much more, than a communication mean. And the meaning of the words is in the cultural system – not in their spelling or grammatical rules. But, don’t foolish yourself, the words are like containers: they are carrying a cultural meaning. If you can’t write or speak them correctly, then you will bring small or any meaning. Your container leaks the meaning on the way. I’m glad of to be welcomed in this Forum. Thanks again.

Your English is very good and I really love seeing non-native speakers write in English because it gives me insight into how their language works. I was really quite fluent in German a few years ago but lack of speaking opportunity has made me embarrassed to converse in that language so I understand your fears. You just say what you want to say the best way you can and I'm sure no one will ever make fun of you.
Thanks, Amber. My writing in English looks better because the text editor’s help. Anyway I have seen improvement. You are right, the opportunity of speaking is a critical issue about learning a second language. Of course, we can’t forget the “eternal coils” – genes –, and their plans. As younger you are, bigger your chances to learn a second language. You say something very interesting and deep: “...it gives me insight into how their language works.” It looks interesting for me because we think words. And words are all about actions, facts, and feeling. Recently I was writing a letter to my oldest grandson – who is 12 years old –, explaining him why it’s good deal go to school and learn. That is not an easy task if you are expecting a twelve years old child will read such a letter. It has to be a short, simple, and interesting letter for a child. And short, simple, and interesting don’t mix a lot. In some point I touched that idea after introducing him into a series of easy and simple questions (which is the eyes’ function, the legs’ function, why do we have teeth... and so on), facing him with a key question: which is the brain’s function, why do we have brain? Naturally, I gave him a twelve-years old answer – to think. There was the tricky, because we think words, and we have to learn them. So it means we learn to think? If we don’t learn, it means we don’t think? Why the cats, dogs, and horses have brain? The point I made is, we learn actions, attitudes, understanding reality through words. If we don’t know words we can’t learn from other people’s experience. So learning we are shaping better our behavior... and, eventually, our living chances. My son – Jonatan –, is a good boy.
Welcome :)
Hi Fidel, welcome to this place.

It's remarkable that you come to an English language site to improve your English. Many Spanish-speaking immigrants usually hang out with other spanish speakers, which doesn't help much to improve their English. So, you have started with the right foot.

Oh, by the way, I'm also an immigrant. I came to the US on 2005. Life can be tough, but you might agree that it's better than in our countries.

Bienvenido y cualquier pregunta, hazla con confianza. Saludos.




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