About the “Our apologies - this page was not found” message:

When you see the above diagnostic message, finding the group in the right hand column is a perhaps time-consuming way.

The ‘page not found’ is a subgroup in a major group you can find by clicking on the “GROUPS” header on a MAIN page. You will see several ways to sort the major groups. The “recent activity” sort may give you the quickest way.

For instance, you will find the “Don’t Spank” subgroup in the “Parenting Little Heathens” major group.

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BTFW, my dad’s spankings made this little Catholic into an angry big heathen.
Also BTFW, my mom’s ‘spankings’ were verbal, not physical. I was angry at her too.
When they died I literally didn’t care.

The 4th? I decided that fathers and mothers have to earn honor.




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