Filed under We Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Members of a Tea Party group in Citrus County, Florida, have come out against rules designed to prevent manatee deaths from fast-moving boats because, according to the group’s leader, the protections “elevate nature above people.” Learn more about why protections are so critical for these gentle giants on the Defenders blog.
Kings Bay is a part of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, the only refuge created for the purpose of protecting manatees. And with manatee deaths reaching a record high last year, protecting this area is more important than ever.

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how do i change the title ?????  should be like Defend Wildlife or something . . .


One has to double check titles because ning won't let you edit them. You can only edit the text of your discussion. I learned this the hard way when I made a typo.
thanks ruth - i didn't even realize that i was filling out a title - thought it would just be a note or something.  not only that,  i put in tea party as a tag and it separated the words to Party, Tea,. . . . argh  :p

Actually, you can change a title.  When you are at the top of your own discussion, there is an "options' button.  Click on that.  Then click on "edit discussion".  Then you can change the title line.


Then go to the bottom and click on "save".


The issue with that is (I think) it might change how people follow the discussion.  I don't know if that is a problem.  All you can do is test it and find out.

great way to state it - what Idiots !!!!!!   to quote Dexter : "They are so stoooooooopid!"  

(he's cartoon character from about 10 years back - a science little kid - it was a really funny show. you have to know the way he said stupid :)

I like how you think.
thank you so much, sir. . . :]

i love your bio page. your dogs are so wonderful (& of course, the cat, i have 4 - egad !)

but, come now, just what is soooo terrible about vogon poetry - i write some myself - here it is:

burgle flubjub gladifoil cumble. aggle fatib flbbbpthhhh blb.

i think i hurt my own ears - no don't read it out loud - nooooo !!!!!! - alexa :]

Yours was much better than what I obtained, generated by the Vogon poetry generator:


See, see the dead sky
Marvel at its big plaid depths.
Tell me, Charlie Wang do you
Wonder why the walrus ignores you?
Why its foobly stare
makes you feel turgid.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your chrasmotic facial growth
That looks like
A mold.
What's more, it knows
Your frontage potting shed
Smells of slug.
Everything under the big dead sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm Pecorino Romanos.


(now I must poke my eyes out with chopsticks)

exactly....depending on the interpretation, having dominion over the animal kingdom can mean having a protective role OR just killing off whatever species you want to 'control'...and subduing the wild becomes a kind of holy war in itself because NATURE is somehow a threat or a nuisance. And the tea party really doesn't want the local, state, or federal governments controlling or regulating ANYTHING because that would be seen as contributing to BIG government spending.  Spending is BAD.  Recreational sports are GOOD....good for business and tourism.

It's 'against the Bible' to protect wild creatures from speed crazed Floridians?  Okay, now I've heard everything.  Doesn't it actually say something in that 'holy book of holy books' that 'man' should be in a stewardship role?  A protector?  Or is it more like this---


(Note the hazy background with the t-rex....hmmmm.)

mmmm - i think you're right - i seem to remember thatl  well, we all know these people 'intrepret' the Torah and the New testament any way they want to. like the guys who think that if you're rich, god loves only you and only you will go to the H place. sometimes i wish there was a hell.  but then, we all know there is and this is it. . .
They're basically a step away from saying "God commands you to make as many animals extinct as possible".




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