Filed under We Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Members of a Tea Party group in Citrus County, Florida, have come out against rules designed to prevent manatee deaths from fast-moving boats because, according to the group’s leader, the protections “elevate nature above people.” Learn more about why protections are so critical for these gentle giants on the Defenders blog.
Kings Bay is a part of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, the only refuge created for the purpose of protecting manatees. And with manatee deaths reaching a record high last year, protecting this area is more important than ever.

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I was brought up what my family considered conservative - part of that was conserving nature.  How things have changed.  I was brought up to beleive that one generation preserved the good things about the world they inherited, for their children and grandchildren.  Not the conservatives are so narcissistic they don't want to leave anything to the future generations, just play and destroy what's around them for the fun of the moment.  It reflects the hedonism of christianity.

The conservatism that you were brought up with sounds more like the classical form of's funny how often things end up being exactly the opposite of what they are supposed to be about.
my goodness - what a terrific response - now let's extinct those guys ( i won't say who, cause if they do extinct themselves (i wish), i'll be called by the House Unamerican Activities Committee and be motorboated! :)
The important question is: how likely is it that the tea party will be successful in doing this?
I agree.  What needs to happen is more media attention so that the American Public can hear about this situation.  Just get Diane Sawyer on it or John Stewart or your local PBS/NPR chapter.  It would really shine the light on this kind of behavior.  And anybody who is a member of Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club, the Audubon Society, etc etc, can get this story out in front of their members and protest this sort of crazy behavior.   There is power in numbers when it comes to this kind of issue and 'shame' can be a very useful tool!

hi mojo  -


sweetie - that's where i got it from - defenders of wildlife. but great idea to begin with.  jon stewart should do this - i wonder how to reach him. . .

Hi Alexa:

ooops, JON Stewart:  check out


I just added Defenders of Wildlife as the very first conservation club in a list of many, I'm sure... I know that's where you got the story from.  (I'm a member of the other two  I listed.)

i know that - it was like a joke :]




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