So i go to a public middle school in Colorado. While this school isn't "Religious" it does have a almost entirely christian population. Because of this Christmas themes are still widely used at the end of the year and such but i don't really mind. But recently while in health class i discovered something in the books. We were assigned to flip through the books and find stuff we were interested learning about for the semester. While doing this i found an entire section about Abstinence, the heading of the section is follows. "It's Never to Late to become Abstinence" The section then details the "benefits" of abstinence and talks about already sexually active teens giving up their sex and becoming abstinent. While this isn't directly taught or mentioned by the teacher and not part of the curriculum, should a educational system really use books which contain such content?
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There is nothing wrong with abstinence. Abstinence is the most effective form of birth control and the best way to keep down the rise of STD's. There is nothing wrong with teaching abstinence.

That said, teenagers will still respond to the incessant call of their hormones, and if abstinence is all they have been taught, they could be profoundly affected by their lack of knowledge. Abstinence is all well and good, but "abstinence only" education is downright criminal.

A well versed teenager, armed with the best knowledge available, is far less likely to get into trouble than one who has just been told, "Don't have sex". Teenagers will still have sex, and we do them a real disservice if we do not adequately prepare them for the possible consequences of being sexually active.

By all means, teach abstinence. We still have to live in the real world though. Teenagers will still have sex, so teaching them MORE is better than teaching them nothing (and "don't have sex" is as close to nothing as you can get)
They told us It's never too late to become abstinent also last year. My school isn't religious but we also had a person come talk to us about abstinece. I find them kind of funny cause its like "Really? You couldn't find a better job?" XD
Strange actually how there are no campaigns or people coming over to tell: it's never too late to start having sex.
I was wondering... Do abstinence only proponents advise masturbation as an alternative or is it cold showers only?
It's fine to teach that abstinence is the only 100% guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy, STDs and HIV/AIDS. That is a fact much as not going swimming is the only 100% guaranteed way to prevent swimming related drownings. Teaching that you can return to celibacy/abstinence after already engaging in sexual activity is OK too (though implying one should/must is not).

However the practice of teaching "abstinence only" meaning that condoms and other forms of protection/birth control are either not mentioned at all, or only their failure rates are covered, is downright criminal. It doesn't keep kids from having sex (children taught AO sex ed at best wait an additional year before having sex) and it tends to result in them engaging in riskier sex (unprotected sex, anal/oral sex without protection since that's considered "not real sex", etc.).
I think that a small (yet correctly titled) chapter on abstinence is probably helpful. It's like a review section for those kids who still.aren' You know, those unfortunate children of fundie parents who are so sheltered that they aren't even allowed to know what sex is, let alone that it causes pregnancy and potentially other things. It's best to know all of the options, IMO.
Why do Americans keep talking about abstinence? Isn't it better to talk about respect your own body? And respect your partner? And use protection?

Teaching abstinence only leads to one thing, low respect for those who doesn't practice it. And trust me, it's not gonna be the boys who gets badmouthed for it.
I say that teaching abstinence in the context of our society only leads to upholding of gender-related hierarchial structures. With other words, if you have madonnas, you will have whores.
I am a high school teacher in California, and the school district Removed the entire chapter on Contraception from the book. Physically tore the pages out and rebound the books. The person behind it is Very Catholic, and ironically his 15 year old daughter is now pregnant. When covering for a health teacher I made sure to point out the chapter listed in the table of contents on Contraception and Birth Control seemed to be missing from my book and could some one turn to (page number that was missing and answer the questions at the bottom of the page) general consternation and discussion ensued.
It depends entirely on whether or not abstinence is the only thing taught in those books.

If it's taught to the exclusion of all others, then it's stupid and I hope those Christians look eagerly to the influx of teen mothers.

If it's in there with all the others I'm all for it.

There's nothing as effective as not-having-a-penis-in-a-vagina at preventing pregnancy.




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