Absurd claims of the blessings of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It amazes me, the amount of people claiming and/or thanking God for things that happen in life.  It really is ridiculous how many times you can hear someone say, "Thank God." after certain things happen.  Whats worse is most people actually mean that wholeheartedly.  I see this as insulting to the person or people who really made whatever it is they're thanking God for happen.

I'll start with one of my favorites:

Earlier on this NFL season Randall Cobb decided to return a kick that was deep within his own endzone.  He knew his coach prohibited this but claimed that God spoke to him and said to run it out anyway.  Now, he did return the kick for a touchdown which is probably why he even said anything about God in the first place.  Had he not scored I doubt he would have done anything more than hang his head in shame.

Do you really want us to believe that God was watching that game and wanted you to return that touchdown?  Does this mean God does not like the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS?  The sad part is everyone was just like, "Oh, okay.  God told ya to do it?  Alright then, well, if he told ya to do it. . ." 

I hate to put it this way, but that is just stupid.  Analysts, Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners, Politicians and the like are all very smart people.  How is it they can believe in something so ridiculous?

Moreover, if I did believe in God I would be infuriated to think that God was watchin' the Packers game instead of dealing with the other "real" problems in the world. 

Why is this tolerated by super evolved Human Beings?  How can we allow this nonsense to continue?

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