The Atlantic has an interesting article on the degree to which people understand the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The numbers are not good and Obama is largely to blame. For three years after the passage of the Affordable Care Act he allowed the opposition to have free reign to criticize it without ever taking the chance to explain it to people. He just didn't care enough to inform the public. Now he is paying the price. It's puzzling why he did not take the trouble to tell the voters how it will work for them, but whatever the reason, he passed up the opportunity to win acceptance for the largest change to healthcare in half a century.

Health insurance is a complex issue. People today lead busy lives and often do not have time or the inclination to follow all the news. When a company introduces a new product they lay the ground for acceptance with an advertising campaign. With new programs government has to do the same thing.

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I am glad someone has noticed the lack of explanation.

Remember Nancy Pelosi told Congress just sign it and then find out the contents,

Why did Supreme Court John Roberts finally sign off on the legality?

I too would like to see relies to you topic.

I did a blog post on just how badly Obamacare has stepped on me. 

I wrote things earlier about how badly health insurance co's. treat people who don't have standard problems.  I figured an insurance company might not cover Xolair, an expensive medication that I get for an off-label use (though it's been proven effective by research).

It was actually MUCH worse than I had thought.  Actually, the Obamacare insurance co's don't cover almost all of my medications! 

The reason is that I get my medications made by compounding pharmacies, without the usual fillers, because I have allergies to the fillers.  I get sick if I take medications in their usual form as tablets or capsules. 

The insurance co's don't cover medications made in this way. 

It has brought back my old ugly memories of endless hassle with health insurance co's trying to get out of paying claims, with various dodges. 

Obamacare has made my insurance situation WORSE.  I can't even buy catastrophic coverage in case I was hospitalized, any more.  The ONLY kind of insurance I can buy, is insurance that I mostly can't use!!

Adding insult to injury, likely I would have to pay a PENALTY for not buying this insurance, that is doing their best NOT to help me with my medical bills. 

I may start a class action over this, because this is a big injustice. 

If they make health insurance obligatory, that insurance MUST cover people's ACTUAL medical bills - not just what the insurance company chooses to cover!  The insurance HAS to cover what the doctor prescribes. 

To make things worse, there was a bait and switch.  Before buying Obamacare insurance, I carefully investigated what the insurance would pay.  I asked the representatives repeatedly whether they would cover my compounded medications, described the situation exactly to them.  Repeatedly I was assured that the compounded meds would be covered.

So Obamacare has:

- resulted in an ADDED cost of a month of this shitty insurance that I bought because of a bait and switch

- deprived me of the option to buy catastrophic insurance for hospitalization

- may even charge me a PENALTY for not buying insurance, on top of my already huge medical bills.

As someone tied to a small-medium sized business, the government has done an even worse job of working with individual companies to explain what information the IRS needs from them to institute employer mandates. In personal experience anyhow, there has not been a single step taken from the government to reach out to the business owner to discuss the requirements of the ACA on businesses. And good luck trying to find anyone at the IRS who can walk you through the new filing details.




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