I want to do this. Badly. But it seems as my word falls upon deaf ears, like always. everyone is too blinded by their Theistic outlook on life. Conservative. 
I want to start a club at my school for freethinkers like myself and my close friends, who are also atheistic/agnostic/etc. I was hoping one with more knowledge of avoiding as much bigotry as possible could help me. 

I need advice on how to start this club. School sanctioned and everything. The school facualty, unfortunately, are a bunch of mormonic... unintelligent idiots. 

Or, basically, if anyone has any idea's on avoiding such intentional bigotry overall, that would be beautiful. I would like to bring all blasphemousity together in my neighborhood, without attracting much hate. 

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Your club could focus on Philosophy rather than religion exclusively.

You may be a genius, in which case the faculty may indeed seem like "unintelligent idiots" to you, but without having met your faculty, I am inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Personally, I love the idea of an Atheist club at school and especially the idea of calling it an Atheist club ... if that is, the school already allows other religious groups. If they do, it's a fuzzy line for a public school to officially support religious groups. And if they do walk that fuzzy line, they had damn well better allow an Atheist group as well.

If they don't support religious groups, then I would not expect them to support an Atheist one either.

If you were to approach them about such a group, I agree with folks here that you want to be respectful, polite, non-confrontational. But I also wouldn't roll over and call it something else. If there's, say, a Jesus Rocks club, then there's no reason you can't have a Freethought Rocks or Atheism Rocks club as well.

I'd expect the school to balk. But if you're ready to fight them on it, well, I'm just jealous that I can't wind back the clock and do that in my high school. It really, really could have used it.
I think your best bet is to start a secular club/society in your school. Make it open to anyone but being secular the people involved must try to leave their theistic views outside of your meetings. You are not going to stop religion. No one person can, but if you question certain things like why is it so many christians are against marriage for a simple example, you will hopefully get a few people thinking about what they are saying and doing. A lot of people in general don't really think all the way through an issue before they take a side. And if you can create discussion on certain issues as they come up in your school (like a gay student wanting to bring their partner to a prom and the school giving them a hassle about it), then you can make positive change, or at least show that gay student that there are people out there who care about what they are going through. You don't need to spout off about the ignorance that religion spreads or anything like that. Get people openly talking and questioning issues or beliefs and reason usually prevails. Not always.... just usually.
By keeping your club secular you keep it open to everyone in your school, and you are a lot more likely to get a faculty member or two to support you.
The way I look at it is you attact more flies with honey than with vinegar.



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