What is everyones thoughts about the fact that all of our discussions are not private on the nexus.....

try typing in your username and atheist in google....

if your like me everything you wrote on this site jumps out for all to see.....

only way to maintain privacy is to not use your real name. think this is something we need to stress to newcomers. once the bots have you it is pretty hard to get them cleaned off, if not impossible.

I am not a privacy freak but i can tell you I dont want to publish my non belief to anyone but those I, not google, chooses.

What are you thoughts

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When I was first on Nexus I used my whole name.  Even though I'm open with most people about being atheist, an gay, I also deal with a public where I want to hold some things about myself, experiences, opinions, private.  That lets me be much more open on Nexus.


So I changed my avitar and ussername.  Im more comfortable.  When I google my own name, it doesn't come up any more.  It took a couple of months to settle out.


Some people need more discretion than others.  We also change our minds sometimes about what we want to share with the world.  I feel a bit sheepish about not using my full name on here, and may do that again sometime, but I understand anyone who is not ready or able to be fully open.


We've also had members in Muslim countries who could be persecuted and killed for apostacy. I those cases, discretion is very important.

As you can tell by my username I don't have a problem with it.  But, I am willing to return a wrong with something that is ten times worse.  (Maybe, I should have used an exponent instead of multiplication.)  I do agree that posting a warning for selecting a username would fit with the current legal climate.  But seriously! Do we really need warnings not to stick any part of your body under a running lawnmower?  I think most people can figure out that they are not being very anonymous while using their real name.
I am curious, what username comes up for me?
On Atheist Nexxus, you show up as "Monika" for now.

The Number 1 rule on the internet my friend, If you put it on the internet it isn't private.  I don't care how many safeguards you put in place etc.  someone will be able to find it.  I always sign up with throw away email addresses and fake names to prevent laypeople from finding stuff.

I had intended on using something other than my real name but I am so computer literate that I inadvertently ended up w my real name posted.

It is true enuf that I donot have t level of concern that those in Muslim cultures do but there are still concerns.

Just recently I read about that Tamtam chick getting all that abuse from anonymous. No need to make it easyer for anyone to screw w you.
More than 6 years ago I posted a long comment on an extreme anti-abortion website refuting their ridiculous claims. I signed my comment with my real name. It still comes up on the first page of google if you type my name in search bar. It doesn't bother me too much, but the site is notorious here in my country (Slovenia) and it was started by people with a very sick view of the world. It feels ridiculous that my name is associated with them now....I fell unclean :)

While I agree with Sam Jones about how everyone should know the nature of the internet, I dislike the way this site handles creating an account. Unless they've changed it, it asks for a "full name" rather than a "username," implying that you should use your actual name. In my opinion, this should be changed and a warning should be on the account creation page about using your real name.


I've sent Atheist Nexus a message about this, but have received no response. While normally I wouldn't find this a big deal, I think this is absolutely important for a site such as this, where people from other countries could be killed if they were found to be a member here.

I also just checked and even though I've changed my name here (from my real last name to "Anam"), a search for my real name on Google revealed my Anam account here. So once you put your real name on this site, you can't take it back.


It's not a big deal for me personally, since most everyone in my life already knows I'm an atheist, but it really needs to be stressed in account creation that if you are even a little unsure of whether you want to come out as an atheist, you need to use an alias.

I agree. Signing up was a bit puzzling for me. I would have preferred not to say where I live etc
I agree. Signing up was a bit puzzling for me. I would have preferred not to say where I live etc
This is the same thing I did. I would have preferred not to have my full name posted and, perhaps naively, I assumed that there would be an option to hide my full name. I have since changed my username, but my home page address of course still uses the original URL with my full name. My work contact info is on my company website, and because of that I've had a few occasions where co-workers have simply searched my name on google to get my work info only to find my account here as the first hit. I don't fear for my job, but it has been an issue for me. Had I realized that my full name would be shown and would be used in the URL, I would not have put my real full name in the full name field. I asked to have the URL changed, but received no response.


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