What is everyones thoughts about the fact that all of our discussions are not private on the nexus.....

try typing in your username and atheist in google....

if your like me everything you wrote on this site jumps out for all to see.....

only way to maintain privacy is to not use your real name. think this is something we need to stress to newcomers. once the bots have you it is pretty hard to get them cleaned off, if not impossible.

I am not a privacy freak but i can tell you I dont want to publish my non belief to anyone but those I, not google, chooses.

What are you thoughts

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This is the same thing I did. I would have preferred not to have my full name posted and, perhaps naively, I assumed that there would be an option to hide my full name. I have since changed my username, but my home page address of course still uses the original URL with my full name. My work contact info is on my company website, and because of that I've had a few occasions where co-workers have simply searched my name on google to get my work info only to find my account here as the first hit. I don't fear for my job, but it has been an issue for me. Had I realized that my full name would be shown and would be used in the URL, I would not have put my real full name in the full name field. I asked to have the URL changed, but received no response.

This situation is reckless and takes away personal control of personal information.  Most members are not internet privacy experts. 


I agree that the sign up page should clearly explain that anything entered as Full Name will be public.  Offer a choice:  enter a Full Name or a Username. 

Good point.  Making permanently public statements about real-life friends and family can be a sensitive issue.
That's why I choose a user name that is quite common and not my real name.

I do asearch on my name (there aren't too many people with the same name on the internet) & it's emailed to me so I can see what's being said about me or what is available online. I saw my posts here shortly after I joined and decided not to change my name or privacy status.

I created a public page about my beliefs years ago: http://www.joycedowling.com/believe.html and I have had no problems as a result (and I live in a pretty fundamentalist county). I've been hoping my nieces and nephews would read it and give up fundamentalism, especially if that belief includes close-mindedness to us "heathens".


[Well, after I saved the message, I noticed that I did change my username - I had forgotten I did that.]

I am not overly paranoid about this but it dies seem prudent to use some other handle besides my name.

I am quite computer illiterate is my problem. How do I Chang my username at this site. I went to my profile page and I did not see any place to change my username. Do I simply change my "full name"? And if I do that will that screw up my account here in any significant way?

It is of value to the cause to have as many of us out as much as possible, but it should be by the individuals choice rather than by default on a profile page.

Yes, your "Full Name" is your username that will show up (for example, "Reply by David Anam"). You also need to go to the "My Page" tab and change your address, which will default to the original name that you used when you signed up.

While my atheism is something I do not wish to hide--I'm in no hurry to pretend I'm an idiot!--I do understand there are many reasons one would need to and it certainly would be nice to have more controls in this social network to do so here. However, it looks like we do have options in changing our username, and so that is probably your best choice if that is of great concern.


I had to face a similar decision in regards to a comic book I cowrite (www.chefsinblack.com), which is, to put moderately, NSFW due to heretical and sexual content. It's a comic I take great pride in and I work really hard on, but I worry sometimes that simpleminded people may not understand that it is just a story and a laugh. Were it discovered by those who control my employment, the comic might complicate my life. In the end, however, after consulting with some people whose opinions I take great stock in, I decided to stand by my work and if there are consequences, so be it, I stand by them as me, not some pen name.

It would be really nice if we could get some official acknowledgement of this issue.
I agree.
If someone finds me on google (and i am very easy to find on google) then i am not worried, if they dont like my views and my opinions well, thats their problem regardless of my views in life.
Don't use your legal name online, as much as possible. This is good advice, it will save you a lot of trouble.


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