What is everyones thoughts about the fact that all of our discussions are not private on the nexus.....

try typing in your username and atheist in google....

if your like me everything you wrote on this site jumps out for all to see.....

only way to maintain privacy is to not use your real name. think this is something we need to stress to newcomers. once the bots have you it is pretty hard to get them cleaned off, if not impossible.

I am not a privacy freak but i can tell you I dont want to publish my non belief to anyone but those I, not google, chooses.

What are you thoughts

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After reading this I "googled" myself. It would appear at this point the whole world (or at least the very small portion of it that cares to check) knows I am an atheist. I like people knowing. For the most part, the people that have a problem with it use that information to stay away from me. And I welcome and enjoy the discussions I have with the ones who want to confront me about it. They are usually respectful (occasionally not) and I tell people honestly that while I respect them, I don't respect their beliefs (nor do I expect them to respect mine). 


With that being said...I understand that being outed as an atheist has (sadly) not been a positive experience for everyone. 

I've heard that companies search Facebook to see what hiring candidates post on their pages, so it's not too far-fetched to think that certain employers may search to see if a candidate is atheist.  Might not be legal, but could still be done.  Thanks for your post.  I did find my name when I googled it and I've just changed my setting accordingly; don't know if that will help since I'm already out there.



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