According to a German magazine: Atheists are considered dangerous to the basic religious and community feeling

"Intuitively, according to an investigation, crimes are attributed to atheists who, for lack of religion, are regarded as morally unfounded - which even atheists seem to believe

Religion, it is often believed, is important for keeping societies together and for moral behavior. Religions always play an important role in marginalizing and violating those of other faiths in order to uphold the faith community.

However, more and more atheists, who seem to endanger their basic religious and community feeling, are coming to the various religions and sects competing for salvation. They can therefore live dangerously in very religious societies, also because they are the target of prejudice. Scientists have now polled more than 3,000 people, including Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, as well as atheists, in 13 very religious and more secular countries, as atheists perceive them.

The authors of the study , published in Nature Human Behavior, began with a cultural evolutionary understanding of religion, according to which religion is linked to cooperation and trust in a group. This can be extended to members of other religions, but not to non-believers. From the cultural evolutionary fusion of religion and group, prejudice against atheists could persist even in secular societies and even be found among atheists."


use google translate for this:

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This is a phenomenon which we as atheists see repeatedly.  Those who make derogatory claims or accusations about atheists typically Don't Know Any Atheists Personally.  They thus make their pronouncements in a convenient vacuum and the "atheists" they refer to are nothing more than straw men.  I ran onto this very business back in May of 2014, when a series of billboards were put up by the Northern Ohio Freethought Society, which portrayed atheists as ordinary citizens.  When the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported on those billboards in an utterly factual manner, one Tom S. Johnson decided he had to throw in his own $0.02 worth of straw man into the mix, and I was sufficiently pissed off at his completely inaccurate characterization of atheists that I had to make a rebuttal, which the PD was good enough to publish.

My point is: this kind of propaganda can only survive when atheists are not OUT.  If we don't counter-punch when believers make unsubstantiated statements about us, their crap stands as the common coin of the society.  We need to represent, and yeah, that means going public, even as those NOFS billboards did.  Side note: it was those billboards that caused me to join both NOFS and FFRF, and in the four years since then, I ain't been sorry!

By the way, note the very first word of this piece: "Intuitively."  Intuition doesn't necessarily stand on any fact or hard data, any more than the aforementioned Tom Johnson knew any non-believers when his letter found the op-ed page of the PD.  The moral of this story is plain and simple: Be OUT and PROUD, identify as atheist and don't blink when you do so.  This particular Overton window has been shifting for a while in our favor, but it will only continue to move if we persist in being public.  This is about normalizing atheism, people, and normalizing US ... and it doesn't happen without us.

Two times a German told me that: Atheist have no morals.

one was indirect: "if only other Atheist have morals like you"

[chuckle] And just HOW MANY other atheists does this schmuck know?  I'll bet he could count them on the five fingers of his right hand and have digits to spare.


Being silly here: atheists have morals, but Atheists Don't Have No Songs:

nice :D


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