According to this quiz, I Will go to the Sixth Level of Hell

When I was on the website BuzzFeed today, I came across a quiz entitled "Which Circle of Hell Will You Go To." Now, like most of us here, I very highly doubt the existence of Hell (And Heaven, for that matter.) But as is with all the other online personality quizzes I take, I took this one, because I was bored. You could say I took this quiz for the Hell of it. (Pun totally intended.) I took the quiz, and my result was the Sixth Level of Hell (Heresy.) I posted the link to this quiz, because I think it would fun for people here to take it, and post their results. I look forward to seeing everyone's results.

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It has me going to the 8th circle. To be honest, I had no idea what to check for many of the questions. Some I check the only thing I knew. I never heard of even one of the 90s songs.

I figured I belonged in lust, or gluttony, or heresy.

I'm with you, SB.  I didn't care for any of the song choices, nor the characters.  Just at random, I took "You Oughta Know" and Tony Soprano to fill out my choices and got landed in the 9th level of hell ... to which my question is very simple:


Nope ... nor an 8th level, 7th level, 6th level ... I think there's a pattern here...

I got the 8th level, but had no idea what the quiz was about anyway. Oh, well.

I never could get past level 6.  I think Homer Simpson and Harry Potter kinda did me in, but you know it might have been the strawberries...

I'm going to the ninth level too.
Because I didn't like choice of toppings and don't care for valentine day?
That's as dumb as religious rules.

The second level of hell for me (Lust). I guess I am not as bad as you guys.

You've gotta try harder.

Level 6


You’re a rebel at heart, you question everything you hear, and you’ll sooner believe in an alien race of lizard people than in “9 circles of hell”. Too bad it’s all real and you’re going to be trapped in a flaming tomb forever! But it’ll probably go from scorching to kind of cozy at some point and at least you get to sit in one spot and not do any work, so right on!

Hurrah! I'm going to the 9th level! And, on my very first try! Considering what everyone else did on here, I'm reminded of the famous quote from Mark Twain.

Go to heaven for the climate, and hell for the company.

Awful is right. And when it comes to religion, I were my awfulness like a badge of honor.




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