He also impersonates Elvis.

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"Independent," my ass!  He's likely just as dependent as the rest of them ... if not on all the dogma, then on the story, on the miracles, on all the magical bullshit.

If that's independent, I'm Harry Potter's great uncle.

Show us your birth certificate.  A miller can also be a potter.

Yo, James!  :-P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [grin!]

I wonder if he means he is a non-denominational Christian or he is registered as an independent politically. Living in Mississippi, he probably doesn't want to advertise that he is a Democrat.

In the interview I think he meant "non-sectarian," but we now know he is a little deranged. The irony of there even being a bumper sticker reading "Christian Democrat" is theocratic and absurd, if by "Democrat" he means a member of that party.  (Our wonderful George W. Bush insisted on calling the party "the Democrat Party," ignoring the rules of grammar, "Democratic" being an adjectival moderation of the word "Party." Ah, well, he probably drank beer and snorted coke during that class.)

Imagine that. He's a Christian. Who would've thought ?!




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