I think the creepiest GOP candidate is Newt. He has an open marriage, so his off-camera behavior includes Callista's hot tub parties. He may even be like that wormy little guy who appears on O'Reilly and used to be a Clinton advisor prior to his being caught red handed with a prostitute who told all: this guy wanted to dress up in panties and bra and have a three way with another male. You don't suppose Newtie is into that kind of thing, too? You know, to look at him, he would make a perfectly good drag version of anyone's grandma.  After all, if J. Edgar could do it....

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Oh I would so agree with you - he is so creepy! I can't stand him and I think all politicians are a bunch of liars and slimy. But he seems extra slimy.

Newt is a classic psychopath.

 He does remind me at times of both Richard Nixon and O. J. Simpson.

I suspect that, in the final analysis, you can sum Newt up in three words:

Whatever it takes.

And note well - I wouldn't put a limit on "whatever," because I don't think Newt does.

But but but...that's what people say of Mutt.

Q. E. D., my friend ... Quod Erat Demonstratum.




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