I am the organiser of an event in the UK that I hope may interest the atheist Nexus community.
The Ancestor's Trail is a symbolic hike to our shared origins. Essentially we walk Darwin's Tree of Life. Billed as a 'biological pilgrimage', our third Trail will take place on the Quantock hills about 40 miles from Bristol on 25th - 27th August (next Bank Holiday weekend).
I should add Kevin Saldanha of the Halton-Peel Humanists has just completed his second Canadian ancestor's trail near Toronto. http://www.ancestorstrail.ca/
It has become something of a 'secular' event with Richard Dawkins speaking this year, (the whole concept was inspired by his book the 'Ancestor's Tale') and we are honored to welcome him this year as our keynote speaker.  
The event is heavily infused with the Arts, including an appearance by Adam and Eve ('Mitochondrial Eve' and 'Y chromosome Adam' that is!) thanks to an internationally acclaimed UK body artist who has offered to paint two volunteers from head to foot for the occasion. In previous years (see our video) musical acts have included an evolutionary rap artist (Baba Brinkman), a 20 strong Humanist choir, 3 original pieces written exclusively for the event, an African harp player, folk, blues and this year we welcome back the wonderful Jonny Berliner - the UK's answer to Tim Minchen with a witty and wistful science song about the albatross. Also on the agenda is an 'extinction poem' and a classical flutist playing Bach and bird song.
Given that evolution is one big biodiversity machine, the event aims to raise money for wildlife organisations - this year the RSPB and World Land Trust.  
The Trail was featured on Clare Balding's Ramblings BBC Radio 4 show last year: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b011tsdb/Ramblings_Literary_Wa...  
I am currently looking to network with US citizens in the hope of establishing a US Trail. Hope to hear from you. 
Here is our latest newsletter  and website http://ancestorstrail.net/  

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