I was just checking out the latest vids on atheist nation. I listened to one video "adam on atheism", but when i clicked on "adam rants about religion", it has been removed for some violation. Did anyone get to hear/see that vid? Youtube won't allow crtitcal commentary about religion? What was the violation?

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Youtube is extremely vague on their violations, my friend was once banned for making a song.

I did a google video search


I heard some of the videos and he was quite vehement on his stance against religion. I hope this helps.
yes, i "think" i found the same video from another youtuber. I heard Rob Scneider on adam's show. I was glad to find out that Schneider is one of us. He was hilarious in the clip. I'll try to find it.

Found it. A 16 y.o. boy decided to be born again after cussing too much, and then Rob Schneider enters the conversation:) >>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rupt7Ef8dlk If you're limited on time, go to 2:00.
The whole things worth listening too.
I have come across this link as a new place to get his podcast.





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