Adam Miller, Faith Healer Fraud, Sues Skeptic for Youtube Exposure of His Fraudulent Claims!

Adam Miller, faith healer is a fraud, as he falsely claims to be a Health Care Professional.

He has no qualifications, nor any verified medical knowledge at all.

His idiotic disease causation involving mysterious dark cellular structure (dcs) is complete and utter Batshit.

This mysterious dcs apparently disappears when exposed to light, a bit like Joseph Smith's disappearing gold plates, which is an excuse he uses for no scientists discovering it.

Thus he is making a living as a Fraud!

Adam also stupidly calls his work 'Holy', ha ha ha ha ha ha, ROFL...

The only thing holy about his work, is his idiotic hole riddled healing nonsense.  It leaks like a colander.

He is suing Youtube skeptic Stephanie Guttormson Operations Director for the Richard Dawkins Fo...

Here is the video that Stephanie produced that offended Miller.


Adam Miller posted a snide response with some of his deluded fans (clients) making stupid comments.

Stephanie should be supported in this case against a shifty charlatan.

With his idiotic pseudo-non-medical nonsense.

Though I do believe that Stephanie will have the last laugh, if the Judge has at least a single rational brain cell!

Great Job Stephanie!

A link: For those wanting to assist Stephanie.

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True Patricia

I wonder why people can be so easily taken in by charlatans like Miller.

He claims to have been using his fake nonsense for 30 years.

So I wonder why the James Randi Foundation hasn't exposed him earlier, or maybe he has been flying under the radar, until Stephanie's blog.

I'm just adding my voice to the many others who are ganging up on Miller to give him maximum web exposure, so as to leave no doubt in anybody's mind that he is indeed a charlatan.

This explosion of criticism should make it clear to any judiciary that we all know he is a fraud and that Stephanie is doing the community a service.

With this kind of pressure, hopefully Miller will shrivel up and shut up!

He'd been had and with a bit of luck, he may never get any new clients.

But, as you know, and I've witnessed, a large proportion of Americans are dumber than batshit.

Revolting is the word, Patricia.  I think almost all of adults that buy into this scam are people that are already brainwashed god believers.

No mugs, no fun.

This Miller guy doesn't seem intelligent enough to win his lawsuit. He could win if some of his family members are attorneys or one is the judge in the case. Beyond that, no chance.


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