There are many trans*, non-binary, and genderqueer people who use Atheist Nexus for social networking, but the only options for gender on the site are "male" and "female". One simple fix can make Atheist Nexus more inclusive of the third gender or gender queer community! Making "other" available as a gender option  rather than she/he is a tiny change that will make Atheist Nexus a much safer, inclusive on-line space for so many. In fact people should be allowed to use their Preferred Gender Neutral pronouns. There are many, many people who do not identify as male or female and, upon signing up for Atheist Nexus, being forced to choose between male or female can create a great deal of discomfort, sadness, dysphoria, etc. As such, there are also people who find themselves attracted to folk who identify as something other than male or female. Adding this option is sure to be a help to many and may bring new users that were discouraged to join before.It is also preferable users be given the option to specify their gender identity and preferred pronouns.Everyone in facebook deserves the freedom to tell their gender even if it's neither male or female.I don't like anyone  telling me I don't exist. It's about our right and freedom...

Adding "other" as an option symbolizes that Atheist nexus guarantees equal rights  to people.

Each and every gender must be behaved equally. There should not be any type of discrimination. We request Atheist Nexus to add "Other" option too.After all it is about the pride to show our gender identity. It is about the human right. And I know WE ATHEISTS WON'T BE CREATING DISCRIMINATION. I'm sure atheists are not gender phobic. So I request the administrator Please add "other" to the gender option.

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Replies to This Discussion would be a better way to make a request to be sure you are heard, rather than just on a forum.

Krozan, our administrator Richard Haynes responded to your same request earlier when you posted your blog,  We agree with you.  Perhaps you missed it. 

Here's the link:

The gender option is not yet fixed, but please don't let that discourage you from participating.  We support you and want you to feel welcomed.  I'm glad you decided to join us and to speak out.   --Carl




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