So...Rumor has it that a lot of us with the ADD tend to like Techno...a lot.

I LOVE techno, Industrial, and New Age music. not that I dislike everything else...
I'm honestly a Metal Head at heart. But Industrial is a close second to my metal habits.

my favorite metal bands are EPIC in sound and power....

To the point....What are your feelings on Techno...slash how do you think your ADD has influenced your like/dislike of music of anykind

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It usually makes my head explode when people ask me what my favorite groups, or musicians are, or what kind of music I like. I go through phases, and even in the midst of those phases, I don't always want to listen to the same thing.

If I had unlimited money to buy all the music I don't have, that I'd like, I'd get all my favorites or missing pieces by Patricia Barber (Jazz), John Coltrane (Jazz), Miles Davis (Jazz), Electric Light Orchestra (Rock), War (Funk), Igor Stravinsky (Russian, Neoclassical, Serial composer), most anything Asian Underground, Silly Wizard (Scottish Folk), Big Mama Thornton (Blues), Luis Gonzaga (Gonzagão, Baião, Forró), Umm Kulthum (Arabic), Parliament (Funk), etc...
It" usually makes my head explode when people ask me what my favorite groups, or musicians are, or what kind of music I like. I go through phases, and even in the midst of those phases, I don't always want to listen to the same thing."

I'm the same way!

have you played brutal legend yet? AWESOME!!! SO AWESOME!!! ROARRRRRR

I dig zappa, and Other disonent -non resolving jazz and experimental from my perspective yes. Mainly because I've embraced my inner "Lorenz attractor"

Everything is Chaos....I just so happen to ebb and tide with it more than "normal" people do.

Long of the short of it...I'm bisexual when it comes to the organization of my music. as far as anyone really how they taste things musically
i'm with you on the music ('cept for metal).I hyper focus on the music to the point that I can feel it.I like other kinds of music...but it has to be intense (Vivaldi).Industrial just does it for me (Wumpscut,Suicide Commando,Rotersand,KMFDM.It helps my creativity flow,motivates me.....

You can tell i have ADD just by my disorganized paragraph...
that's awesome....but yeah....I know what you mean....

Another thing....

are you exclusive to Industrial? or is it just your favorite...

I'm HUGE into metal...but also punk, industrial, ska, techno.....and several others...

I guess my long of the short of it is ... do you like anything else as much as Industrial??
Just noticed this. At work, I have to have my headphones on to get anything done, because aisle chatter can drive me to edge of homicidal rage. I'm a huge metalhead, but also love music like Autechre, Coil, Kraftwerk, and Mouse on Mars. I also have a soft spot of avant Jazz artists like Anthony Braxton or David S. Ware. It's wierd that I seem to go for either extremely repetitive looped based music, or completely freeform totally out there stuff. Heck, I even have a hankering for Merzbow on occassion. I do think it depends on if I'm on my meds or not, which direction I go. When under the influence of Concerta, it's metal all the way, baby. In the evenings, when I'm going through withdrawal, a nice bit of free jazz or experimental electronic hits the spot nicely and let's me unwind back to my old mental chaotic self.

Metal works best at work because it's loud and drowns out distractions. I listen to mostly black metal or doom, and the steady beat, whether it be slow plodding doom or extreme blast beats, helps me focus. But when I'm not on meds, I tend to diversify my listening habits.



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