So...Rumor has it that a lot of us with the ADD tend to like Techno...a lot.

I LOVE techno, Industrial, and New Age music. not that I dislike everything else...
I'm honestly a Metal Head at heart. But Industrial is a close second to my metal habits.

my favorite metal bands are EPIC in sound and power....

To the point....What are your feelings on Techno...slash how do you think your ADD has influenced your like/dislike of music of anykind

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no I was apologizing in a coi way that I got a stupid song stuck in your head.
O, hehehe, I'm slow like that!
I usually have a song in my head, too. Or, I'm making one up for the cats. Or, I take songs that I can't stand and redeem them by turning them into songs for the cats.
"I absolutely can't stand most metal, techno, industrial type stuff. They're too fast and loud for me. My head doesn't slow down long enough for me to make sense of any of it."

Try this: Orbital - Halcyon and On and On (1995) - Video

Orbital's one of my favourites because there's a kind of logic to their music. It's not just 'dance' music, although it's great fun to dance to.
Ouch! That hurt my eyes to watch! I looked away to hear it but it was too fast for me...thank you though! I do enjoy trying to try new stuff (if that makes any sense at all lol!)
I would classify it as "world beat" very much like Enigma or Delerium! Sigh Another band to be obsessed with!!

OH CRAP !!! I heard this song LONG ago and didn't know who they where....AWESOME THANKS!!!
I'll never get all the different types of music...*sigh*
Its part of my psycho like obsessive nature, so I wouldn't worry about it....
I'm honestly open to any kind of music, but I have a special place in my heart for celtic punk. So... um... I'm kinda indifferent, I guess. xD
I wouldn't call the oi punk movement indifferent at all... Although you may like the folk metals as well...check out sky clad and Elvin King
Where did you hear this rumour that the ADDled like Techno? I like some, but I wouldn't say it's always on my playlist. I'm not sure I'd know Industrial if someone played it for me (unless they told me what it was), and I only like some Metal. I have listened to some Newage music, but not in eons.
I heard it in was also more of an observation.....never really said it was universal....also it was kinda an music is something that in general triggers my psycho obsession.




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