Advertisements are annoying in general and it's getting easy to not even see them anymore. Nevertheless, it's especially annoying when automated ads such as the ones provided by Google on the top of this page and many others see so many references to "god" and provide religious ads. At the top of the page I'm typing on are 3 ads by Google, one for a "Christ-centered degree scholarship...", "Christ-The hunger for Him...", and "Looking for a church in Seoul?" Wonder what the reaction would be if we got our heathen products recommended on religious sites?

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Heh. I can imagine an Atheist Nexus ad on a christian singles site.  It makes me chuckle.
You can tune a guitar, but you can't tune a fish.
For what it is worth, it has been my experience that businesses that tout their godliness are particularly apt to be rip offs.
If there is one thing that is fair and impartial it is the market. They are just trying to get the most out of their advertising dollar. I suspect some program picked this sight because of how often we mention words like "god.".




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