AFA spokesman says the Tea Party was responsible for ending slavery in America

Yesterday (Oct. 13) on his radio program, American Family Association spokesman, Bryan Fischer claimed Muslims were responsible for slavery in America. Today, he followed up on the theme by saying that the Tea Party was responsible for ending it. Here's a transcript of today's remarks (you can hear them in the video at left as well):


So the people who brought slavery to an end, the Tea Partiers, evangelicals; they are the ones; that's the type of American that brought slavery to an end. Why? Because we rejected Sharia law and its legitimization of slavery and we said, "look. uh, slavery, the slave trade is wrong. It is pernicious. It's wicked. It's evil for people to be bought and sold like that; like chattel. It's a horrible offense against God and against His law." It was evangelical Christians that led the drive to abolish slavery. Don't ever forget that. That's a moment for which we, the evangelicals of the church of Jesus Christ can be justly and rightly proud. Don't let anybody take you away from that. The credit for the abolition of slavery goes to evangelical Christians.


More here.


AFA spokesman, Bryan Fischer.


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It must be really simple to get all your historical information from the 700 Club instead of years of study.  Obviously, these bozos know nothing about history or how chattel slavery was an xtain invention.
ha, thinktanks think or push whatever they want

at this point fail is written all over the party known as tea...
besides the teapot is better. willie's new party ; )
Donald Wildmon and his family - the founders of the AFA - have yet to say anything that they eventually made money off of. All it is is a cash cow for them. All Fischer has done is lowered them to a new level of stupidity and meanness.
What's scariest is how many people buy into this crap and donate to the AFA. Their annual operating budget is $14 million!
My question is not whether they actually believe this crap, it's do they even recognize a line between truth and a convenient lie?  I wonder if they really figure, if I say it, it must be true.  (Shades of Nixon?)  If it wasn't true before, I said it, and it is now. 
That man is plain nuts.

So, he's saying America was founded by Muslims?  :D




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