Another Christian who believes they are the only ones who deserves respect and ignores the separation of church and state.


Perfectly sane AFA president Tim Wildmon says:

This is an absurd policy... The most welcoming, inclusive thing you can do this time of year is wish people a merry Christmas.

In fact, Chase's policy will actually be offensive to many people who bank there. When customers find out that Chase is deliberating disregarding Christmas, they may just be inclined to take their banking
business to a Christmas-friendly institution. Christmas is a holiday
we've set aside as a nation to honor the birth of Christ because of his
impact on American and world history. It's just bad business for any
company to show this kind of disregard for our Judeo-Christian heritage.

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Now I kind of wish I was having problems with Bank of America so I could move over to Chase. >.>

I like the fact that there's a respite from this holiday madness at a bank, though.
Christmas is a holiday we've set aside as a nation to honor the birth of Christ because of his
impact on American and world history.

lol....let's honor centuries of bloodshed, oppression, and brainwashing, everybody!
Judeo-Christian heritage.

There's that word again. That word that has no right to exist. Judeo-Christian? What the fuck is that?

Do they mean 10 Commandments-y? Then it's just Judeo. Do they mean turn the other cheek-y? Then it's just Christian.

Who the fuck decided to splice these two things together in the first place? I swear. In 20 years when, hopefully, Islam will have moderated we'll start hearing 'Abrahamic' heritage. I swear we will.
I think Chase might have wised up and started a policy that would drive away many deadbeats. In my experience, people who wear their christianity on their sleeve are the most dishonest and financially irresponsible people that I know. This policy may save Chase a lot of extra expenses.
I can't recall a time or "controversy" the AFA and the Wildmons haven't used to try to make a few bucks off of.



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