After Maybe Years of Learned Helplessness, How Do People Grow the Power that Atheism Requires?

I ask that because a friend of mine, who like me went to Catholic schools, has tried so many times to quit Catholicism but he keeps falling back into it.

I first met him maybe six years ago when he tried to sell me on A Course in Miracles. He worked at it but a few weeks later he was back on the RC plantation.

He next tried to sell me on meditation. When done well it can do well, but my friend never spoke of any flaws it. I knew he had never tested it. Again he worked at his 'mission', and weeks later he was again on the RC plantation.

At about this time he started teasing me with "Once a Catholic, always a Catholic." I told I'd heard "Once a priest always a priest" but I never heard it said the way he did. He wouldn't quit so I started watching his work habits.

When he next teased me with that "Once a Catholic...." thing, I replied with "Once a Catholic, always helpless." You gu/essed it; he stopped his tease.

He next told me he was an atheist but he added that it was my fault and he would hold me responsible. And yeah, he returned to the RC plantation.

Then it was Mindfulness, and a few days ago he told he is again a Catholic.

He has several times asked me if I'm spiritual and I've always told him I'm a materialist.

I'm pleased that he trusts me enough to keep me posted on his 'travels', but I sure don't know where he will go next.

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I took decades to grow the power.

My Catholic parents put me into Catholic schools but didn't know their requiring quality work subverted attempts to teach me helplessness. Then--US Navy where I became an electrician, GI Bill, college to study electrical engineering, math, science. I learned to analyze and quit religion for agnosticism.

Graduation, good job with good pay, marriage to a non-religious woman, no kids and a friendly divorce, and then environmental politics where I started talking back to power. Early (age 45) retirement and volunteer work in conflict resolution. I researched and wrote a book on how to grow personal and political power. Finally I quit agnosticism for atheism, and became a materialist.

To hell with faith in spiritual stuff; learn to have faith in yourself and some faith that others can and will help you.

Personally I don't see the difficulty of being atheist but I have always been one. If you don't fear death, then you don't fear death. If you do, then you will always starve for some form of comfort, whether that be notions of reincarnation, 72 virgins or whatever Christians believe. I don't thing atheism requires power at all but merely accepting our mortality.


Now that the medical profession, most of them anyway, are no longer slaves to xianity's sadism, it probably won't be a precursor to hell.
Fear of life also sends people to religions.
As does fear of freedom.
You perhaps were atheist, John, until you joined the Banger religion.

Creation from an infinitely dense and infinitely hot singularity?

Without mass and heat, singularities are mathematically possible. With mass and heat, only the Banger religion allows them.

Am I stalking you?

In my Electric Universe discussion you needed to stalk me and did so with much enthusiasm. A little turn about is fair play.

It is not stalking when you create a thread and get a response. It is stalking when you pursue people in unrelated threads and hound them about long established scientific evidence.

How many people have you converted to EU here ?

You are a dog chasing his tail. Round and round and round you go.

My posts will differ from yours, John.

Each will provide a bit of education about the BB or the EU and none will attack you personally.

Bow wow.

All hail the omniscient Pastor Volt  ( aka Tom Sarbeck ) whom doth decree that the  foul voice of Satan hath spoketh lies through the mouths of science professors in every University across the lands. No more shall it be, for he presenteth unto us the one true word of Electric Universe !!! Amen Pastor Volt. I am but your humble disciple.

With a week of latrine duty, John, you won't again mistake a Marine Corps drill instructor for a money-sucking priest. With another week you might not mistake a watt for a volt.

"Damn, the recruiters sent me a wanna-be-believer and I'm to make him curious!"

Pastor Volt is indeed the force behind the flow of truth unbeknownst to the ignorant masses.

Voltage is a measure of force just as Pastor Volt is the force behind the EU movement. Besides, Pastor Watt doesn't sound good. You must improve your PR when gathering your flock thus convincing the world that science, as they know it, is the seed of Lucifer.




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