After Maybe Years of Learned Helplessness, How Do People Grow the Power that Atheism Requires?

I ask that because a friend of mine, who like me went to Catholic schools, has tried so many times to quit Catholicism but he keeps falling back into it.

I first met him maybe six years ago when he tried to sell me on A Course in Miracles. He worked at it but a few weeks later he was back on the RC plantation.

He next tried to sell me on meditation. When done well it can do well, but my friend never spoke of any flaws it. I knew he had never tested it. Again he worked at his 'mission', and weeks later he was again on the RC plantation.

At about this time he started teasing me with "Once a Catholic, always a Catholic." I told I'd heard "Once a priest always a priest" but I never heard it said the way he did. He wouldn't quit so I started watching his work habits.

When he next teased me with that "Once a Catholic...." thing, I replied with "Once a Catholic, always helpless." You gu/essed it; he stopped his tease.

He next told me he was an atheist but he added that it was my fault and he would hold me responsible. And yeah, he returned to the RC plantation.

Then it was Mindfulness, and a few days ago he told he is again a Catholic.

He has several times asked me if I'm spiritual and I've always told him I'm a materialist.

I'm pleased that he trusts me enough to keep me posted on his 'travels', but I sure don't know where he will go next.

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It took me awhile to escape the religious mindset. I think it was dualism that was most difficult to overcome, that the mind(or soul/spirit) is something separate from our bodies. I left Catholicism, tried Spirituality, fell back into Catholicism, tried some more Spirituality. It was a cycle, but overtime my energy for it it all sort of fizzled out as I settled on materialism. It was the most intuitive and reasonable in the end. I did realize that much of the back and forth had to do with philosophical questions, and other needs I had, rather than a strong belief in anything supernatural. 




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