After the FB Mohammed Portrait Day - I made a realization.

Here's my current FB status after 'debate' about 'mocking' Muslims.

Interesting - some see religion as akin to skin color or body type and, as such, should be protected from satire, while others see it as akin to political ideology or choice of sports team and, thus, totally fair game.

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Update: The facebook page was taken down after one of the moderators had his email and Skype hacked and death threats sent to him at home. He freaked out and pulled the page. The other moderators put the page back up and it now has about 110,000 'friends.' They are researching the death threats made against them for putting up the page.
I think this underlines the point:

Making death threats (and acting on them) for making doodles of some iron aged story teller is crude and unacceptable behavior anywhere.

Parodying a child molesting cult leader is NOT equatable in any way with discrimination against a person or group of people for their religious beliefs, ethnic extraction, language, gender, sexual orientation, or AIDS status.
They also shut down some accounts by people who were very outspoken aginst Muhammed. My friend was one. He is from Iran and living in Australia. He has regular events against religion, especially Islam. His account was closed because of how outspoken he is on Facebook. It was an issue discussed on Facebook because he wasn't the only one. Although he is now back on.
Can someone stop being a Muslim? Yes.
Can someone (other than Michael Jackson) stop being black? No.
Case closed.
Exactly. The racial thing (based on the fact that "a lot of Muslims are Arab") is total garbage. Islam is as racially diverse as Christianity (yet no one says it's racist to make fun of Christians) and I didn't know a person could change their race at will.
"Arab" is not a race. There are only three recognized races on the planet: 1.) Negroid, 2.) Mongoloid and 3.) Caucazoid.
"There are only three recognized races on the planet"

Which goes to show how completely arbitrary racial constructs are.
I hate to be "devils advocate" here, but one can also stop being jewish, or atheist. If a restaurant said "we dont serve athiests" or "we dont serve jews", then you have discrimination based on a life choice.
While I can see your point; people criticize Atheists all the time and I really don't care. Serving someone in a restaurant is different and I would not advocate refusing Muslims anymore than I would advocate not serving 'white' guys; however, I would gladly joke about both groups in the same way I enjoy jokes about myself and others.
Ryan's choice of words was indeed unfortunate, since "jewish" can denote both a race (or a racial prejudice) and a religious belief, but pointing this out doesn't invalidate his point.
We can all share or reject an ideology.

The problem is for all of history religion has for most of humanity occupied a perceived position right next to ethnicity, rather then in the ideology camp. Most people do not even recognize religious beliefs as an idea of the mind, it instead seems to live in the "truth" section.
How were you being any devil's advocate there? I don't see it.

Discrimination and making fun of are severely different things.
Yes - but I didn't speak of discrimination - just satire. If Dane Cook wants to poke fun at atheists - go for it. I'm not gonna shut him down or threaten his life.




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