After Trump's First Day in Office, Is Anyone 100% Opposed to His Actions?

HIS ACTIONS NOT HIS WORDS, such as about attendance at his inauguration.

I support his taking us out of the TPP. I understood it as being an alliance of Pacific Rim nations against China. If that's true, the TPP seems like a return to Cold War attitudes.

I want to know more about his Federal hiring freeze. Who's affected?

I want to know more about his cutting funding for organizations performing abortions overseas. Is Planned Parenthood performing abortions overseas, or do I not understand his action?

Other issues as they arise?

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For me it is like checking and fighting two fronts about Donald Trump and second, some of the B.S. my sons education leaders are passing around in the classrooms. Hard to keep up with these things. Seems like the majority of my sons school population supports Trump and no one is speaking out in opposition.

 Tom unfortunately you are very correct, but we are all here right now. We just will now have to pay a little more attention and actually do something about it. We can and will.

 So it begins. Now we must take time away from our normal activities and keep track of his every move. Now we are forced to become more active than ever. Get ready to start the resistance to many of his actions.

Agreed, CU.

At 41 I became an activist. At 42 I was telling myself, "Others have doing this; it's my turn."

I had no kids so I had time and energy,

I'm now 86, still active, and doing it feels good.

For myself, I was never in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but at the same time Trump's alternative works no better. Trump's problem is that he wants simplistic solutions to complex problems, and that's serves no one, certainly not in this time and place.

This is yet one more reason why Trump has no business being where he is.

I haven't heard of his alternative to the TPP, Loren. I'll look for it.

True, simple folk seek simple solutions to complex problems.

It works two ways; technical folk often seek complex solutions to simple problems.

My private joke is, "To make the simple complicated, give it to a German."  My ancestors came from Germany.

I liked that he was against the Trans Pacific Partnership. Yet, I don't like that he is for bringing back that Keystone pipeline thing. I also concur with what Loren has said on the complex vs simple solution things.

The Beltway's political types have long used ideology to block progress.

Will business types and their pragmatism do better?

So far, the only action I'm in agreement with is his withdrawal from the TPP.  All his other actions I don't support, at least at this point in time.

The hiring freeze is premature and is happening before reviewing the current situation of each individual department.  Trump is taking his cues from the Republicans who keep screaming about smaller government.  But at some point a government can be too small to function properly.

I've never liked "across-the-board" financial cuts because they fail to take into account necessary priorities for long-term cost savings.  (Much like preventative heath care.)  

Trump has denied climate change even though virtually every scientist agrees that it is a very real and very dangerous phenomenon.  That seems to be the case with many other things he has presented as facts.  During the debates he was fact-checked publicly and openly and shown to have lied many many more times than Hillary. In my opinion that sort of thing is likely to cause violence in our country because it is being and will continue to be used to deny the suppression of rights like voting rights and the commission of crimes like police violence against protesters. And I have just scratched the surface here. In my considered opinion, we are talking about things that will cause outrage and eventually lead to physical violence.

We're all atheists here and I think we're aware that religion has been doing this for at least 1000 years.  It's no coincidence that he is supported strongly by the very the religions who have done this - the Catholic and Protestant Churches. Exit polls showed that Catholics gave Trump some 60% of their votes while Fundamental Protestants gave him about 85%.

If only solving climate change were as easy as editing a website!

The hiring freeze is premature and is happening before reviewing the current situation....

FA, years of reviewing has been done, by conservatives. They won so it's their turn. We need to know what they want to cut and maybe protest.

Libertarian Repubs want smaller gov't. Religious Repubs want bigger gov't. They divide the Party. Trump's demagoguery united the religious. He panicked the Libertarians but they had nowhere to go.

We Dems need to unite. Bernie was doing it; Hillary wasn't.

I don't like some of what Dems do, but if it will bring Dems together I have to set it aside. If I can't set it aside, I have to step aside and campaign managers have to let me go.




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