Again, I say: The Affordable Care Act is a GOOD thing!

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I've said it before and will say it again. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a GOOD thing! It's good for capitalism. It just requires that everyone have health insurance(Medicare and Medicaid count). If you don't have health insurance, you'll be taxed. The reason this is good is because self-pay patients are a drain on everyone. They raise healthcare costs. Sure, if you're under 30, you think you're invincible, but then you break your leg, go to the ER, and don't pay your bill. The hospital has to make up for your negligence by charging $50 for a Tylenol for everyone else. You didn't expect to break your leg, but you did and you should've had insurance.

The reason it's good for capitalism is because BCBS, Cigna, United healthcare, Aetna, etc. are going to HAVE to offer better policies for lower premiums--they're going to have to compete better.

We all understand that if 100 people take a single piece of candy from Albertsons, Albertsons has to increase prices to make up for the "shrink". But Obamacare is awful?!?!

Before you say that, please actually READ a summary of the bill. I've provided a link:

Also, I'd like to add that if you think Obamacare is terrible, ask an insurance expert to explain it to you. Not necessarily an employee of a health insurance company. I worked as an insurance verifier for 4 years and with health insurance in general for an additional year. I know insurance.

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If you haven't actually read the bill and are just venting what you've been told, you're no better than Americans who show up on voting day to vote "straight ticket". You all have cars, I assume. Is it anti capitalist that you're required to carry insurance on your car?! If you are paying mortgage, are you pissed because you have to have home owner's insurance?!

I'm a bit shocked that "skeptical" atheists would just take the word of some politicians who haven't read the bill in its entirety.


"I'm a bit shocked that "skeptical" atheists would just take the word of some politicians who haven't read the bill in its entirety."

Don't be shocked...even a bit.

Even legislators don't read bills; they follow their party leaders' voting instructions. Salaried lawyers write bills according to party leaders' instructions.

When visiting the Arizona legislature I heard hired readers read bills far faster than human ears can untangle the droning sound. The state constitution required that bills be read but said nothing about the reading speed. In some legislatures only the titles of bills are read.

R, do you have a reason for all the judgments you're passing on mere mortals?

Mere Mortal;

I am not shocked that legislators don't read bills, but at skeptical atheists who believe the aforementioned legislators. America already has two public options: Medicare, which is earned, and Medicaid, for those who can't afford premiums. There are also indigent programs. 

I'm not trying to come off as "passing judgement". The judgement is already being passed on "Obamacare" by those who haven't read it and those who don't understand it.

As I said earlier, if you drive a car, you are legally obligated to insure it. If you have a mortgage, your lender makes you carry homeowner's insurance. Everyone deserves to be healthy, so when this bill is fully enacted, health insurance companies will have to lower their premiums to compete with each other to bring better policies at better prices. Good physicians deserve to be paid well. Good nurses deserve to be paid well. But doctors and nurses aren't the only staff necessary to the running of a practice or a hospital. It's a rare physician or nurse who understands how billing, collections, insurance verification, authorizations, notifications, deductibles, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximums work! They do the work, but their staff gets them paid for that work.


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