is agora the best atheist movie????


Alejandro Amenábar is an atheist!

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UK trailer certainly looks interesting... Rachel Weisz is one of my favorite actors
"Agora" is the first film I've seen that historically depicts the "Evil Christian's" mindless destruction of knowledge, technology and the arts. (oh yes, les I forget, the Atheists in the film, Are depicted as the good guys, ;^).
was it shown in theatres there... up here in the Great White North, we get a very small percentage of releases... so off to the video club I go

But they don't have it yet... :(
Yes "Algora" was screened here in Norfolk,VA. at a very "progressive" film house, the Naro Expanded Cinema

I believe the film will be released on DVD Oct. 19th.
Well I finally got to rent it on DVD. I found it was an above average movie about early conflicts between Jews, Christians, and pagans. Unfortunately Amenabar twists a lot of the history as can be read on this A|N thread and contained links. Rachel Weisz is excellent as usual, and her slave I found was also well done. Other than that the acting was pretty flat. And the visuals were really well done.

As for the athest component, there is so very little mention of it in the film that it is nearly non existent.

The main ideas that stuck with me, is that tolerance has consequences. When trying to have everyone included, you enable those groups and they will eventually win. Tolerance does nothing to advance our
She wasn't actually an atheist, but a pagan.  The siege early in the film takes place at the Temple of Serapis.  It's tragic that the followers of Christ never understood, as he pointed out to his disciples, that his kingdom would not be an earthly one.  Even now they struggle to control the world.
I have put this movie on my Netflix cue. Funny, Redbox doesn't seem to carry it.

Just watched this. It kept me engrossed for the duration but for a movie about a philosopher the plot was not very philosophical but rather fast paced. It didn't help that the written narration was in Spanish.




Hypatia is not depicted as a 'fighter,' rather she goes her own way focusing on her astronomy even after the destruction of the library when it becomes clear that free-thought in Alexandria has no future. It also goes to show that tolerance of beliefs that are intolerant is foolish. It is clear that the prefect converted to Christianity for purely practical reasons but perhaps he didn't read the whole bible? Otherwise why wouldn't he bow when Cyril read the passage in the bible about the submission of women - if he truly understood his position he would have. The fact is that all the main characters lost except maybe Cyril. As for Hypatia it is clear that should would rather die than lose her privileged position or have to lie in public - but why didn't she just kill herself and avoid the humiliation? Why didn't she do more to fight the doctrine of Christianity so clearly opposed to roman tolerance. Philosophers don't tend to be practical folk so I'll forgive her.  Good movie.

no, not really. it's a good pro-science movie, but not atheistic specifically. "the invention of lying" is a good one. even "oh god" was surprisingly atheistic, even though god was one of the main characters. "leap of faith" is a good bet. "the mosquito coast" has a main character who seems to be atheist. "the matrix reloaded" involved a religion which was based on a lie and intended as a system of control. then of course there's "creation", but that's again not very focused on the god belief specifically.
Ah The Mosquito Coast... it was long a favourite of mine, very interesting philosophical perspective. The soundtrack was also amazing, it was the background to several successful exam crams!
definitely an oddball movie, and caught my interest because i know a couple people kind of like the character.
i think "the man from earth" takes the title of "best atheist movie"




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