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Rev Pat Robertson, whose students from CBN picketed my apartment in Virginia Beach for daring to run up a private religious discussion BBS on a Commodore 64.

The man who also claimed while I was there that his prayers saved Virginia Beach from Hurricane Hugo (for which Charleston, So. Car. will be forever grateful).

The man who claimed that the earthquake in Haiti was due to the populace's ancestors "pact with the Devil."

The man who when he ran for president said that if elected he would close the borders to -emigration- to prevent the heathens from escaping.

I'm of two minds about Mr. Robby-son, there.  Part of me wants to issue a formal and serious counter to any such BS he spews in the media.  The other part wants to issue the same statement each time: raucous, uproarious LAUGHTER!!!

"Oh, Pat, where do you GET this stuff?!?  Is it ghost-written or do you come up with it yourself???"  Call it a pipe dream, but I would LOVE to see him consistently and unabashedly held up for ridicule and LAUGHED off the public stage!

I have to say that the Rev. Julius Streicher Pat Robertson has become a parody of himself more and more since starting that whole cable-Christianity shtik.

That said, he's not perfectly harmless. And he does have numskulls willing to do his bidding. Soon, god willing, he'll be playing pat-a-cake with Falwell in the Goebbels Suite in beautiful southern Hades.

A human train-wreck. Hideous and still you can't avert your eyes.

Of course he's not perfectly harmless.  He's not harmless at all so long as there are dumb-fuck christians who listen to him like he was the second coming of Yeshua-bar-Yusef ... and there are too many of them.  They may not think, but they do listen and parrot, and then presume themselves knowledgeable because they attend such garbage.

It doesn't matter that he is his own parody.  It matters that there are people who don't see the parody.

And let us say, "Ramen!"

"More terrible than anything suffered by any minority in history."  Yes, it's really ugly when a small minority oppresses the majority, trying to keep them from achieving total control.  He has my sympathy. 

I think it would have been funnier if he'd made an apartheid reference instead of a Nazi one.  He'd be like, "The US is apartheid South Africa.  The homosexuals are 10% of the population, like the white people, and the evangelical Christians are the poor oppressed black people.  Because, you see, evangelicals are sometimes forcibly removed from people's doorsteps when they go to proselytize, and there are homosexual-only institutions, such as gay bathhouses.  I want to go to a gay bathhouse!"

I doubt Robertson could SPELL "apartheid," never mind know what it is!

Of course he knows all about apartheid. He made a nice piece of change investing money with the Boer-run government.

And amazingly enough, His Nibs deigned to work with a colored fellow. A hidden liberal streak? LOL!

Bloody hell!  And here I thought my opinion of him couldn't go any lower!  Live and learn, I guess.

Don't dig too deeply. You'll want to burn all your clothes and shower in muriatic acid to get clean again.




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