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@Loren Is that why I keep saying Romney is a robot?

I can think of robots who behave better ... and far more consistently!

@ Kacie How did YOU know what my parents said to me!

I dunno.  Maybe 'cuz I'm the next big prophet.  God beams all sorts of thoughts into my head.  Mostly, though, he just tells me to stare at shiny things and poke insects with sticks.  Or maybe that's just my ADD brain farts, I can't tell.

No, Mordekhai, no, no!!!  The teaching of "critical thinking" is under attack from the far right wingnuts who know that if you search for evidence of "God," you find out that there is none.  Then, when you analyze evolution, the theory of gravity, the principles of physics, &c., you realize that science already explains all the mysteries we once thought only God knew answers to.  So, no, no one taught them to ask questions, and if they did, they long ago lapsed into the blind senility of dogmatic "thinking," a kind of sleep walking.

Er, um, gee. I am new here. Therefore my reputation for wit, humor, sarcasm, and rhetorical questioning are, of course, unknown to you. I forget that; especially as I'm settling in here now after six years at another venue. Mea culpa.

But I'm getting to know you, and L. Miller, and K. Tsao after today. You'll learn about me and my wicked ways. Never am I to be taken seriously. Unless I am.

I'm very ethnic in outlook and in the way I express myself. Look out for my exclamations and mutterings in Yiddish and Spanish. And my constant use of "godly" idioms, fercrissakes. I'm a raggedy-assed polymath, kinda, sorta.

Anyway, thanks for acknowledging I'm alive and welcome to my mind!

I am feeding a stray cat's four kittens.  Two are orange with white spots.  They look so much alike I have to search for Desdemona's white spot on her back, or else I will be talking to her sister, Juliet.  (Gertrude, the calico of the litter, is very stand-offish.)  Just as these kittens have distinct coloring and distinct personalities, we obtain in our own species, people who look a lot alike and think a lot alike, and people who think very, very differently.  I have always chosen to believe that Robbert's Son is in on the game.  He probably got some of his ideas from the RCC, which once told ignorant peons in Mexico that their parents' or grandparents, et al. souls were in Purgatory, and if you will just pay a few hundred pesos, we can get them out.  Can you imagine someone like that with a cable network all his own?  Take it from me, Pat Robber's Son is the greatest Ponzi schemer of them all.  At least the parish priests could pocket some of the money and not send it all to the partiers in the Vatican.  (Parish priests can be satisfied with jug wine; only the Pope drinks 1978 Chateau Neuf du Pape.  But, then, he owns the vineyard.  It took Francis Coppola years to buy a winery in California.  But then, with Godfather III, he proved a very poor Catholic indeed.  He spilled the beans about Life at the Top.  And Al Pacino should be excommunicated just for suggesting that Cardinals can be bribed into forgiving a murder or two.)

I sure admire your pluck, but I am not about to say you're cute when you're angry.  That's a Mad Men observation, or actually earlier, the Forties, maybe.

Death lives.


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