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Whew!  Lets me off the hook.  I think liberals are mealy mouthed.  I am a progressive.  There IS a difference.

I'm a political centrist. And there ain't nothing with me in the middle of the road 'cept a long yellow stripe and macerated road-kill.

Well, I guess Mr. Robertson also lumped homosexuals in with what he considers "liberal America", so...  Homosexuals are also Nazis?  IF YOU SUPPORT HOMOSEXUALS, YOU ARE AN EVIL NAZI SUPPORTER.  BURN IN HELL~

The Gay Agenda is all about secretly bringing about the return of Nazi Germany.  The same Nazi Germany that rounded up homosexuals in death camps, yup.

I'm a Jewish/Puerto Rican atheist centrist with swarthy skin and curly white hair. I didn't realize that having some of the friends I do qualifies me for membership in the National Socialist movement. Heil Stephen Fry!

If you're not in favor of laissez-faire capitalism and theocratic government, then you're a socialist.  According to the right wing's definition of socialism, at least...  And socialists are the same as communists and fascists.  And all of them are gay pedophiles. :P

Kacie, you have Pat Robber's Son confused with Scott Lively.  He is the dork who wrote a book saying the Nazis were all gay.

There was a book on that?  Was it erotica?  :D

Not A Kristalnacht But A Nacht Of Long Knives.  That Turd, Scott Lively, Likes To Spread The
Lie That All Nazis Were Gays Or Under The Command Of Gay Men. This Is Akin To The Blood
Libel Of Jews -- The Myth That They Use Christian Baby Fat As Their Fuel Of Choice.
What's Next, Domestic Cats Such The Air Out Of Babies' Nostrils? Why Don't We Burn
Witches Again, Using Fag[o]ots As Kindling. Note The Class To Which The Right
Wingnuts Delegate The Sexual Minorities, One That Includes Atheists And Women.
The Only Type Spared Is The White Male Person. Everyone Else Is Lumped Into A Big
Cesspool Of Subhumanity.

Ummm, James?  I'm almost afraid to ask ... but WHERE in the name of Rocket J. Squirrel did you FIND THAT????

I wrote it and wrongfully sent it to the do-not-reply, absent-mindedly writing it from the email notification of the post mentioning Crystal Night.  Realizing my mistake and upon getting back the "message undeliverable" email with the link to the text, I recovered it there and posted it anew.  However, as you know, these always capitalize every word and I was too tired of it all to go back and replace the words that should have small letters, so for what it's worth, there it is.  I tend to write like I am composing a surrealist prose poem.  It must be my medications. ;-)

You've got one hell of an ugly guy there !

Which one?!? [grin!]




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