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Ouch.  Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...  *sigh*  Why am I always proven wrong when it comes to just how low these people will go?

Oh, hush! And have another serving of Christian baby. An old family recipe ...

Baptized?  I hear they have a distinct flavor imparted from the holy water marinade.

It's a spiciness so delicious you could plotz! : D

@Kacie They're not what they're cracked up to be.

What makes people turn out like this? It's scary to know we're of the same species as these ignoramuses.

It's like with babies when they start babbling and all the adults gather around to coo at them and then everyone starts talking wike dis, cootchie cootchie coo~  Pat Robertson gurgles, the people around him lap up his nonsensical gurgling, and then they gurgle back at him.  This encourages him to gurgle more, and then eventually he becomes that toddler who thinks he's the greatest mind ever because he made up a story about how people rode dinosaurs.  The playtime stories are then enshrined in a museum!  The creationist museum!

That's the way I think of it, anyway.

Yes, I believe you're right.

Didn't anyone ever teach these people to ask questions?

They were taught not to ask questions.

"Shut up!"


"Because I said so!"


"My dad will come to beat you up if you don't listen to me!"

Playground bullying or evangelicals?  You decide.

I noticed the playground aspect of all this embodied in the childish name-calling. When we were kids playing "army" (when we weren't playing "cops and good guys") it was "Us" versus "Them". And "they" were Nazis or Commies. Those words epitomized evil. We were too young to really understand what the words truly meant. All we needed to know was that you didn't want to be either of those.

Apparently, in their need for casting aspersions on "others", these people have simply reached into their childhood vocabulary. Any person who seriously accuses someone of being a "fascistic commie" clearly knows nothing of fascism or communism. But it doesn't matter. They scored a point by calling you "bad names". Those fig bat doodyheads!

Step Number One has ALWAYS been: Dehumanize your enemy.  If he ain't human, he's that much easier to treat as something undesirable or disposable.

Preaching to the choir, Brother Miller! I've made studies of this phenomenon. In my case, they're mostly out of Jewish history but the Japanese soldiers in WW II were taught to view surrendered enemies as non-human. And they brutalized prisoners wholesale.




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