Just had these at a friends house today.    Amazing!

Ahi Tuna grilled or seared in a pan.

Melted white cheese

Watermelon cut into chunks or strips.

Jalapeno peppers

Cilantro chopped

Combine together then pour cheese over.  Side note:  this does not last long.  Its a one time thing due to the meshing of ingredents over time but I loved it.  Enjoy: )

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Sounds fabulous!

What KIND of white cheese?  Jack (pepper Jack?), white cheddar. cream cheese, feta????

I wonder how it would be without the Ahi tuna...my sister is a semi-strict vegan, but loves all the other ingredients, including cheese....

Were the Jalapenos fresh, or canned?

Amazingly creative! Who would have thought of that combination?

Five simple and interesting mix of ingredients.  Yes, sounds amazing.  I'm also envisioning the same ingredients inside a soft tortilla for tacos. 


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