Airborne atheist 4th of July ads meet with heavy resistance

(July 1) As we reported yesterday, this 4th of July, the American Atheists organization has hired airplanes to tow advertising banners in the skies of 27 states (including California) to let people know that atheists are patriots too. But why only 27 states and not all 50? Well, it wasn't from lack of trying.

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Yeah, I wouldn't fly that in SC either.  Not a matter of worrying about offending anyone, but a matter of worrying for my life during or after the flight.
They just lost their pilot in NC who refused when he understood it was an atheist sign he would be towing. That means they're down to 26 states instead of 27.
It's cool they are doing this.  I hope I see one.
Not suprised to see the lack of Idaho in the states that will be flying banners...too sad. I hope things go through without any problems for all the pilots! Great idea




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